Time is Running Out


It's so hard to choose the ultimate Muse song. They're all really great, but this one is just too awesome and brilliant, pure music perfection! And live, well yeah you just have to experience it yourself. Time Is Running Out is the first song I always put on when I listen to music, you never get tired of it, but hey it's Muse so is that even possible?

This and "Knights Of Cydonia" are perfect examples of songs that can make you fall in love with a band. "Time Is Running Out" is probably the first Muse song I've heard, and I was immediately hooked. I couldn't stop browsing through all their other songs after listening to this one. If you haven't given Muse a try yet, then this song is the perfect way to do so.

Muse didn't just hit a home run with Time Is Running Out, they hit it out of the park! I love how the song builds and climaxes right at the chorus. Great rock song! My only critique is the beginning could have been stronger and more creative that it was. A very minor critique, still love the song

Amazing song. Time is running out is probably one of the greatest songs of all time. Best part being the fact that it incorporates so many different layers into the song. Not just this one, but Muse does it with many of their songs. Hoping to hear more and more from them in the coming years!

A unique song of them and certainly my favourite. What I love most about it is first the general rhythm of the music but most importantly this voice which is full of emotion. Especially the way he changes from low to high notes is something else.

This song is very melancholic, it speaks of life being short, and us not using it correctly. But at the same time, the melody is really exciting, I can only but love this song altogether... Of course it was made by gods so...

Lyrically, this song is right there with Bliss for the best. Although not as good as Bliss or Plug In Baby. Can't you tell I love "Origin of Symmetry" yet?

Uprising was the song I came to know Muse by, but once I looked into other songs, this stuck out as my personal favorite. The energy, build up, and sheer feeling you get makes this my favorite song by them.

I discovered muse with this song. I cannot put it elsewhere than first, it's just like when you loose virginity, the girl you lost it with stays special, well this is how I feel about this song...

When I first heard this song, I literally think I listened to it ten times in a row. I can't even just listen to this song once because it's just so good I have to listen to it again

This is one of their best songs and is what got me into muse in the first place. Its just such an enjoyable song, and needs to (if not replace) be right behind Knights of Cydonia.

This song is my favourite songs Muse ever. Time is running out is epic song with wonderful voice Matt Bellamy and Muse is the best band of the world

From the awesome bass line to the hypnotic piano to the incredible vocals, this song is simply a masterpiece. It is absolutely Muse's greatest song. See what I did there?

The best song Muse have ever done, just amazing cannot beat it. Matthew Bellamy you are a great singer and I loved it when you had red hair it looked cool. - grattz

A catchy, sing-along rock song with a great bassline and sound. There are some pop elements in the song as well - it's very melodic, and not as 'hardcore', I guess, as some of their other songs. Simply put, if I were to recommend one Muse song to someone who had never listened to Muse before, it would be this.

This song is so amazing! I love the heavy metal guitar influence and the synthesizer bass at the beginning. Also one of their most catchy songs.

This is was my all time favorite song for, like, three years! I still love it but a different song took its place. Anyway, this song is SO amazing!

I'm in love with this song. It's so intense, and I love intense things. It has perfect build up and it's just so powerful you can't not like it.

Epic from start to finish. Matt is at his best during this song and so are the other guys. I listen to this on repeat for hours on end!

Oh, man. What a song, this really changed my life. The chorus is too amazing to be true. I love my life because I can listen to this song.

Definitely one of their best works... In fact the whole Absolution album is awesome! Must listen to before your time runs out!

Listen it ones, and you'll be listen it forever.

It's hard to pick a favourite when this band has too many amazing songs, but this one is definitely one of the greatest!

This is the most powerful alternative rock song ever. The bass guitar riff is seriously brilliant. I love it. - RiffandMagenta

Absolutely brilliant. The first song I've heard of Muse. This song just blew me away. Can't help but put it in repeat.