Undisclosed Desires


It really is impossible to pick a top ten MUSE list, because every time, you would look at it and realise you left out about 20 other songs that deserve number 1. They're all fantastic. Some stand out more than the others, but Undisclosed Desires is definitely part of the brilliant works of MUSE.

This song tends to speak to those of us who have been abused and are subsequently damaged. It's an eerily perfect piece of work that was once, for me, a bright spot in a dark tunnel. Quite easily my favorite song by Muse, if not by any artist.

Amazing drums, catchy chorus, easy listening and very addictive. But I understand why this isn't well loved. It sounds different compared to the other songs but I like this best somehow

The lyrics are just amazing!
It really shows how a protective man should care about the not so good past of her beloved

Amazing beat, amazing bass. How can this song not be along with at least the top 3? Just so smooth and satisfying to listen to, no matter the mood!

It has a groovy music. You can just dance/sing along the song. Its lyrics are great. The song has an appeal to it that makes you hear it on and on.

This song is my absolute favorite, it just gives this unexplainable vibe that is so unique. The chorus is amazing and gives me the chills

What? This should be in the top 3 well.. Tastes for music varies a lot I guess... One of my favorite groups - sarahholmwood

Why is Undisclosed Desires 14th! This song is amazing, could listen to it forever and it's my favorite song. One of the best song ever

This is def the best song they ever made! love this song so much. its lyrics are abolutly amazing!

Come on dude, this is one of their bests.. Lyrics are awesome, and the beats are so pleasing to ear and heart! Love this song.

The bass is just brilliant. The chorus is so chilling, it will stay on your mind forever

I was gonna vote for another one but this one looked lonely :-) but the whispering freaked me out a little...

Lyrically very sound and the vocals pretty good too. Should be way higher in the list.

this song is way better than all their other songs this should be number 1 - decorulez97

I thought this was the most famous muse song

Lol I'm listening to this song right now!, it's not the best but I like it

I want to recognise your beauty's not just a mask

I cannot stop listening to this song... SO PERFECT

Perfect music. Perfect lyrics. Perfect song!

Beautiful- that's the only word needed

Perhaps my least favourite Muse song.

I can't describe just how good it is!

I like some weird songs: Hysteria (Muse), but then I really like Still Alive from Portal! This song is unlike Muse, but fits in their catologue; it's just an awesome song.

I did not hear from them either but then I heard undisclosed desire.I Love It!