Some people may think we guys just like uprising cause it's probably the most famous muse song today, but listen to this bass line, these drums, and matt's voice... Just astounding. Even in all the other albums & b-sides muse can't reach this awesomeness.
Anyway I think tiro and knights of cydonia still are a great choice for the top 3 (personally I'd put knight of cydonia 2nd and showbiz 3rd)

I've been listening to Muse since 2008 and this was the song that stood out to me. The guitar at the intro reminded me of Doctor who's title sequence, and the tuning of the guitar overall. The drumming was amazing. If you've listened to this song, and thought the drumming was slow and easy, you're wrong. Look at a live show, Dom's doing some fast and steady drumming in the background to build up the structure of the song. Great lyrics, good giant drums, great normal drums, and fantastic tune!

Are you kidding me? This should be the number 1 song, most powerful, epic and the musical arrangements are great, no doubt this should be number 1, come on guys vote for this song, I heard this song on radio and instantly became muse fan and I played this song over and over and all my friends said it's a very good song, who is the artist?

Music for me is about both the music itself and about the lyrics that go along with it. What I love most about this song is its words -- it feels like an anthem for anyone who has been put down or pushed around: "They will not force us, they will stop degrading us, they will not control us, we will be victorious. "

Well this was vaguely ok so what the hell I put this at the top for a bit of fun. I have never even heard of the band muse and I haven't even listened to it. I was just told it was the best out of the muse selection of ok song (which by the way is all of them thank you very much) goodbye and have a nice day

This really should be top of the list people... yes we acan all agree that The Resistance was a pretty poor album but this is like from another planet let alone another album! This song is really powerful, his vocals are amazing on this unlike in some songs where he sounds a bit whiny and it just makes you feel powerful and everything. Vote!

How can this song not be top of the list! In my opinion it is one of the best muse songs out there. I think it fits hand in hand with political protest and would of made a perfect soundtrack to V for Vendetta. Everything bellamy say in this song is so powerful and meaningful!

This is the greatest Muse song of all time! The lyrics are simply fantastic, and they fit so well with the rest of the song. The first time I heard this song, my breath was taken away. After that moment, I have listened to the song so many times. I'm addicted to Uprising!

When I heard this song for the first time, I wasn't impressed. But, after listening the song couple of times I realized its beauty. The song slowly captures you and then the only option is to love it. Its mesmerizing!

This is a great song. I love how it strongly gives it message about how the government and corporations try to keep us inside their bubble and manipulate us, and at the same time it's really catchy and harmonious!

Love the guitar riffs and how they vary from verse to verse, I wouldn't consider this a song, I would consider this a work of art, something that people 20 years from now should be listening to, Great song guys

Uprising is what represents Muse best in all aspects of what this is song's purpose serves to be. To not acknowledge this means you either don't know the band well enough, or see Matt's lyrics in a completely different light.

Just amazing. The bass transitions, the outer world sound, the lyrics, the guitar solos. Just a few elements of this song would make it great, but put them all together and it's currently one of if not my favorite song.

I first heard this song on a radio station and just had to find out what it was. It was a memorable introduction to a band that has extraordinary music skills. I love them and have many of their songs on my iPod.

Absolute best song ever. Love the lyrics, love the vocals, love the instrumental. I love everything about this song. Why is this song not on the top of the list? Vote for it! Do more great songs like this Muse.

Seriously? Why is this number 3? It's a badass song about revolution. Revolution is hot. The lyrics are amazing too.
"Another promise, another scene
Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed.
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined. "


Such an epic and meaningful song the lyrics are spectacular and Matt's vocal skills are so unique... Not forgetting Dom and Chris who are also so good! Go Muse!

This song is just amazing. I think it is better than Time Is Running Out and it should be top by far. The guitar riffs are awesome and the vocals are quality!

This song gives me chills every time I listen to it! Not only is it the best muse track, but it's definitely in the running for one of the greatest songs of the last two decades!

Love the Guitar opening. How is this not first on the list? I can't stop listening to this song and air strumming the guitar part. This song gets me all hyped up. Awesome song!

Cool from the word GO! I'm a big buff of British Bands because of the variations of rock - each band has it's own distinctive style. Muse also has it's own thing with the bass.

Epic an powerful song, great lyrics, first song I ever heard by them, I searched for the name for a long time and I finally found it. Happily downloaded it, its amazing - dragonfly99

I love Muse. They have a way with words. I love there music. How could you not love this song. "They will not force us"..."they will not control us we will be victorious".

I think, this is the best song, especially about lyric, fully inspiring, and I like this quote, they will not control us, we will be victorious. go Muse.

This is obviously the best muse song of all time because the bass is s0 good! Anyone who does not think so is a retard and does not deserve to be a muse fan