Top 10 Music Album Covers Featuring Farm Animals

Some of these cover arts look very prosaic. Prose in music so to say. But there are some good ideas.

The Top Ten

1 Out of Step - Minor Threat
2 Violet - The Birthday Massacre

One of the covers I like. - Metal_Treasure

3 Pet Sounds - Beach Boys

Not sure if I like it but the album and its cover are/were considered classic by many so I added it. - Metal_Treasure

4 Animal Magnetism - Scorpions
5 Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd

What I like about this is the contrast. The cover is simple, a cow staring blankly. The music is quite the contrary. Technical, unpredictable and strange. Great stuff. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks for your comment, IronSabbathPriest. I was hoping for such comments. - Metal_Treasure

6 Messenger in the Camp - Seafood
7 Pork Soda - Primus
8 Cradlehouse - Pernilla Andersson
9 Läther - Frank Zappa
10 Get A Grip - Aerosmith

Wasn't that piercing too painful? - Metal_Treasure

Ouch. - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

11 Animals - Pink Floyd

This actually does count, there's a small (relatively speaking) inflatable pig in the top right. I didn't add this but I'm surprised I didn't think of it. - IronSabbathPriest

12 Humanure - Cattle Decapitation
13 Ten Torments of the Damned - Cattle Decapitation

Umm, there's another cover to this album... - Metal_Treasure

14 Hats Off to the Bull - Chevelle
15 Iowa - Slipknot
16 The Best of BC13 - Brokencyde
17 The College Years - Look Left
18 Master of Tiny Shoes - Look Left
19 Alles kann besser werden - Xavier Naidoo
20 5, 6, 7, 8 Bullenstaat! - Die Ärzte
21 Satanische Pferde - Die Ärzte
22 See You On the Other Side - Korn
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1. Out of Step - Minor Threat
2. Violet - The Birthday Massacre
3. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys
1. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys
2. Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
3. Violet - The Birthday Massacre


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