Top 10 Music Album Covers Featuring Naked People


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41 Sexual Madness - E-Rotic
42 Sex Generation - E-Rotic
43 Cocktail E-Rotic - E-Rotic
44 The Collection - E-Rotic
45 The Very Best Of - E-Rotic

Except for "Sex Affairs", in which the nipples are obscured by star shaped pasties, all of their albums with cartoon covers feature topless women. Only some also have a nude lap. For whatever reason, on some covers the lap is fully visible while on others it is obscured by objects or simply not visible due to the pose. - Martin_Canine

46 Blood, Guts & Pussy - Dwarves
47 Your Dark Side - Nu Pagadi

How could I forget this?
In 2005 the then-popular talent search show Popstars, who usually casted boybands or girlgroups tried to depart from their previous sound and aim for a new target group. Nu Pagadi were dominated by Rammstein-style distorted guitars, emotional melodies, sentimental dark lyrics and a wilder, more sinister image. The latter can be seen here: deeply black background, elegant dark grey font, nude band members - it is supposed to look very sensual and tribal, and it kind of works. The group hated their style. During the show, they expected to perform pop when they win, such as the highly successful No Angels did, who won in 2001, and couldn't identify with the dark rock they were ought to perform. So even though both the album and its lead single topped the charts they disbanded only months later. It was probably the best work a German talent search show ever brought. Unlike the German Idol winners, the German Popstars winners at least had good producers and ...more - Martin_Canine

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