Top 10 Music Albums with the Word "King" in the Title


The Top Ten

1 Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage
2 In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson

No question about it- this will be #1. Highly influential, masterful writing, and all around epic compositions, this album keeps many engaged through all 5 tracks. - JBDBIB_Baerman

3 For All Kings - Anthrax
4 Touched by the Crimson King - Demons & Wizards
5 King of the Kill - Annihilator
6 Kings of Metal - Manowar
7 King of Pop - Michael Jackson

It's a compilation album (the reason it isn't higher) - Metal_Treasure

8 Legacy of Kings - Hammerfall
9 The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists

The best soundtrack of any Disney movie ("The Last Mermaid" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" just barely missed it) and Carmen Twillie's powerfully performed and orchestrated rendition of "Circle of Life" is one of the most goosebumps inducing songs ever recorded, at least for me. This movie and its soundtrack both manage to give you the experience of a full blown epic in just fairly little time. The film tells a biography, characterizes the rise of a dictatorship, raises philosophical questions about life and death, depicts a Shakespearian family tragedy, and shows a character development from drowning your sorrows and self destruct to face your irreparable mistakes and overcoming them in order to save the ones you care about - in 80 minutes.
The soundtrack is a similarly varied and rich journey through this universe, in only 5 fully sung and 4 instrumental songs (plus some pop versions by Elton John), none of which last unusually long.

The only thing I always have to ...more - Martin_Canine

10 Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

I so much agree with Robb Flynn... - Metal_Treasure

This is what Robb Flynn from Machine Head thinks of this album:

"Congratulations to Avenged Sevenfold on their latest "covers album" coming in at #1, who knew that re-recording Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Megadeth songs could be such a worldwide hit!? Ba-dap Ps!
I'm on fire! " - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel
12 King - Kollegah

Also known as the greatest German hip hop album ever recorded. Really, each of the 20 full songs could keep literature students busy for a while trying to analyse all of the rhetorical figures he used on here, like the many different homophones and double meanings spread all over the album every few seconds, but also such parts where every vowel rhymes with another, which is about every part, and of course he manages to describe a situation as atmospheric as a novel writer. It plays like the music equivalent to a classy, perfectly written mafia movie epic. Not like your everyday thug rap with a few gunshots in the hood, Kollegah embodies a high class, highly intelligent and sophisticated gangster boss, a GoodFella, who does ruthless and dirty things. In between, he sometimes switches back to his real life self, and reflects on the difficulties of getting out of character again after the performances, or what of the persona he portrays has its roots in reality and what is fictional, ...more - Martin_Canine

13 Only King Forever - Elevation Worship

Live album with contemporary worship music from the US - Metal_Treasure

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