Top Ten Music Artist Collaborations That Should Never Happen


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81 Jackie Evancho & Justin Bieber

Jackie Evancho has actually been asked about this several times during interviews, and she has said every time that it will never happen.

82 Ozzy Osbourne & Nicki Minaj

Please make sure this never happens ever.

83 Katy Perry & Queen
84 Lil Wayne & Frank Sinatra
85 One Direction & Cher Lloyd
86 Paul McCartney & Big Sean

The same as Lil Wayne! This would destroy music completely.

Please make sure this never happens no matter what.

This would be horrendous!

This would be a horrible, horrible idea.

87 Ke$ha & Beck
88 Jason Derulo & Slayer
89 Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney

Oh wait, too late...

90 Ariana Grande & Paul McCartney
91 Ke$ha & The Beach Boys

These two together?!? Stop the planet I wanna get off!

Make sure this NEVER happens no matter what!

Let's all pray this will never happen EVER.

92 The Flaming Lips & Nicki Minaj
93 Bjork & Miley Cyrus
94 The Flaming Lips & Cher Lloyd

Absolutely horrific idea. Make sure this never happens ever.

95 2 Chainz & Rakim
96 Bjork & The Flaming Lips

I don't care if Bjork and Wayne have a celebration. This would be completely tragic. Seriously.
You're awesome Bjork. Wish you the best of luck. Legends never die.

To reasons why The Flaming Lips are on here, they collaborated with Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus, did a cover of The Beatle's Lucy in the Sky with diamonds with Miley Cyrus AND Moby, and went so far as to record an album with Ke$ha titled Lip$ha.

Now you see why this would be a bad idea.

97 Bjork & Ke$ha
98 Metallica & Fred Durst
99 Bjork & Cher Lloyd
100 Megadeth & One Direction
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