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1 Five Seconds of Pilots (Five Seconds of Summer and Twenty One Pilots)

I'd prefer something like Five Seconds of mau5. Like deadmau5's big-shot best-of album, only significantly shorter... - PositronWildhawk

...Don't really think "Five Seconds of mau5" sounds like a good combination of names. - ArchAces

A horrible band + A great band. I don't know how it would go down musically. - WonkeyDude98

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2 Fifth Mix (Fifth Harmony and Little Mix)

This makes a lot of sense actually. - WonkeyDude98

I'd prefer something like Fifth Mix or Little Harmony.

This really makes sense so much!

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3 Bridgit Cosgrove (Bridgit Mendler and Miranda Cosgrove)

Good name.

4 Crown the Skynyrd (Crown the Empire and Lynyrd Skynyrd)
5 Simple Cure (Simple Minds and The Cure)

This literally makes sense.


6 Pierce the Horizon (Pierce The Veil and Bring Me He Horizon)

Cool name.

7 Green Summer (Green Day and Five Seconds of Summer)

So cool!

8 Fall Out Pilots (Fall Out Boy and twenty one pilots)
9 Bauhaus Mode (Bauhaus and Depeche Mode)
10 Tiffany Switchblade (Tiffany Giardina and Strawberry Switchblade)

Sounds like a Goth girl name. - DynastiSugarPop

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11 Coldica (Coldplay and Metallica)


12 New Found Boy (New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy)
13 Sisters of Banshees (The Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie and the Banshees)

Cool name.

14 Twenty One Swifts (twenty one pilots and Taylor Swift)
15 Vicki Sue Benatar (Vicki Sue Robinson and Pat Benatar)
16 Jay West (Jay-Z and Kanye West)
17 Jay Park (Jay-Z + Linkin Park)
18 Jenna Roberts (Jenna Rose + Emma Roberts)

Even though I don't care for the My Jeans song or the song, this is so good. - DynastiSugarPop

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19 Jessie's Minds (Jessie J and Simple Minds)
20 The Notorious Dragons (The Notorious B.I.G. and Imagine Dragons)

Musically this would be a trainwreck, but this is a cool name. - WonkeyDude98

I love both.

21 Draknd (Drake + The Weeknd)
22 Dr. Em (Dr. Dre + Eminem)
23 Madilyn Evancho (Madilyn Bailey and Jackie Evancho)
24 Within Epica (Within Temptation and Epica)

Love Epica.

25 Blink Day (blink-182 and Green Day)
26 Good Plan (Good Charlotte + Simple Plan)
27 Moby Swift (Moby and Taylor Swift)
28 Lukas' Child (Lukas Graham and Destiny's Child)
29 Britney Aguilera (Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera)
30 Twenty One Shmurda (twenty one pilots and Bobby Shmurda)
31 Halsey Shmurda (Halsey and Bobby Shmurda
32 Metro Shmurda (Metro Station and Bobby Shmurda
33 Snoop Pilots (Snoop Dogg and twenty one pilots)
34 Chainshmurdas (The Chainsmokers and Bobby Shmurda)
35 Nathan Hook (Nathan Skyes and Shawn Hook)

love them

36 Bruno J (Bruno Z Mars and Jessie J)
37 Childish Ne-Yo (Childish Gambino and Ne-Yo)
38 Drowning Down (Drowning Pool and System of a Down)
39 Metadethrax (Metallica and Megadeth and Anthrax)
40 Slanthrax (Slayer and Anthrax)
41 Night Maiden (Nightwish and Iron Maiden)
42 Mega Storm (Megadeth and Halestorm)

Cool name.

43 Kannibal (Korn and Cannibal Corpse)
44 Breaking Heart (Breaking Benjamin and Steelheart)
45 Guardian of Bodom (Blind Guardian and Children or Bodom)
46 The Breaking Stones (The Rolling Stone and Breaking Benjamin)
47 Get Slayed (Get Scared and Slayer)
48 Children of Death (Children of Bodom and Death)
49 Stone Temple Giants (Stone Temple Pilots and They Might Be Giants)
50 Becky Brown (Becky Sharp and Sawer Brown)
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1. Jay West (Jay-Z and Kanye West)
2. Jay Park (Jay-Z + Linkin Park)
3. Draknd (Drake + The Weeknd)
1. Five Seconds of Pilots (Five Seconds of Summer and Twenty One Pilots)
2. Bridgit Cosgrove (Bridgit Mendler and Miranda Cosgrove)
3. Fifth Mix (Fifth Harmony and Little Mix)
1. Green Summer (Green Day and Five Seconds of Summer)
2. Fifth Mix (Fifth Harmony and Little Mix)
3. Fall Out Pilots (Fall Out Boy and twenty one pilots)


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