Top Ten Music Artists That Are the Opposite from Each Other


The Top Ten

1 Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber

This list is stuipod

The truth is they are very much alike. For the first 10 years of his career, MJ was the Justin Bieber of his era. Not until MJ started working with uber-producer Quincy Jones on the album "Off the Wall" was MJ even considered to be a serious musician.

2 Tupac/Little Wayne
3 Nirvana/One Direction

Yeah... And that's because both have different genres...

That's The Reason There Here Buddy - topbesttopworst

4 Taylor Swift/Madonna
5 The Beatles/U2
6 Biggie Smalls/Rick Ross

You Mean Biggie Is Better Than Rick Right?!? - topbesttopworst

Rick Ross is far better than Biggie Smalls. This is the truth. - SelfDestruct

No. It's not the truth. It's almost as real as saying cow diarrhea is far better to eat than actual human food.

7 Whitney Huston/Selena Gomez
8 Nickelback/The Plain White T's
9 The Beatles/Justin Bieber
10 Skillet/Gorgoroth

They are opposite of each other.

The Contenders

11 Keith Urban/Marilyn Manson
12 Amy Lee/Miley Cyrus
13 Linkin Park/Backstreet Boys
14 KISS/Santana
15 Eminem/Snoop Dogg
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