Top Ten Music Artists/Bands You'd Like to See In a Fight

The Top Ten

1 Avenged Sevenfold vs. Linkin Park

Linkin Park would definitely win. - 3DG20

2 Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam

I think Pearl Jam would win. - 3DG20

3 Iron Maiden vs. Black Sabbath
4 Beatles vs. Rolling Stones
5 Led Zeppelin vs. The Beatles
6 AC/DC vs. Guns N' Roses
7 Metallica vs. Megadeth
8 Ratt vs. Motley Crue
9 Ozzy Osbourne vs. Marilyn Manson
10 Deep Purple vs. Black Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Eminem vs. Jay-Z

Eminem would win. - 3DG20

12 Korn vs. Linkin Park

As much as I like Linkin Park, Korn would probably win. - 3DG20

13 The Kinks vs. The Beach Boys
14 Rush vs. Van Halen
15 Radiohead vs. Muse
16 Nirvana vs. Guns N' Roses

This would be just EPIC TO WATCH! - MontyPython

17 Justin Bieber vs. Nicki Minaj

I think Nicki would win

Neither would win since they would both hit like little girls. - 3DG20

They both suck - Croy987

18 Linkin Park vs. Green Day
19 Ariana Grande vs Silento

At least Ariana didn't sing "whip/nae nae".

20 Beck vs. Kanye West

I think anyone would beat Kanye West. - 3DG20

21 Sia vs. Sam Smith

Sam Smith is such a wimp, Sia would kick his ass.

22 Marilyn Manson vs. Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie would win without a doubt. - 3DG20

23 Green Day vs. Weezer
24 Nine Inch Nails vs. Rammstein
25 Coldplay vs. Oasis
26 David Bowie vs. Bruce Springsteen
27 The Rasmus vs. H.I.M.
28 Evanescence vs. Halestorm
29 Paramore vs. Fall Out Boy
30 Nine Inch Nails vs. System of a Down
31 Green Day vs. My Chemical Romance

Green Day would win. - 3DG20

32 Nirvana vs. Alice in Chains
33 Marilyn Manson vs. Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor. - 3DG20

34 Muse vs. Coldplay

Muse. - 3DG20

35 Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin
36 Avenged Sevenfold vs. Metallica

Metallica would win. - 3DG20

37 The Doors vs. The Who

The only fight that might actually be interesting, and also might result in some hospitalization.

38 Theory of a Deadman vs. Shinedown
39 Justin Bieber vs. Kerry King

Yes, I’m aware that Dustbin would have nothing on Kerry King. That’s kind of the point. - 3DG20

40 Xxxtentacion Vs 6ix9ine
41 Submarine Man vs. Lil Meerkat
42 Iron Maiden vs. Judas Priest
43 Linkin Park vs. My Chemical Romance
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