Why Kagamine Rin and Len should sing

First of all, a little introduction. Rin and Len are voices for the singing synthesizer, Vocaloid. They, along with about every other Vocaloid voice, are almost always overshadowed by Hatsune Miku, the first of the Japanese Vocaloid2's. Sure, call this insulting another candidate, but since Hatsune Miku has been getting so much attention, this time it should be the other better vocaloids' turn to be in the spotlight. (I would be rooting for Megpoid Gumi, but Rin and Len would get more votes, and I love them just as much.)
Why vote for a fake singer at all? If you listen to them, they sound amazingly human and would show the world what technology can do nowadays. They will be represented with 3d holograms that implement even more of the future into their songs.
From the extreme fan's point of view, they are really, really, really, REALLY cute. And not just that. I love how they can be that cute in one video, then extremely depressing in a "related" video. Even though they're only 14, they have died in their songs more than 15 times altogether. What's more? They always sound like sing with all their kokoro (heart) even though it's just a fragment of a true kokoro. Who cares if they're fake? They sound just like humans!
Even those really sad songs cheer me up on a bad day. Probably just because I'm such a fan... But Rin's voice can still sound bright and sorrowful at the same time. Len's voice is so innocent (I'll make an exception in Spice) and warm, even though it is darker. And when they sing in chorus, it is truly amazing.
I will admit that their origibal voicebanks' quality wasn't very good. This is because the company that made them was so excited over Miku's popularity that they rushed the Kagamines' design and recording, so the end product was not as good as it could have been. The solution? They have re-recorded voices (Act2) which has better quality, and Appends, which are like variations of their voices that are also much better quality. And if they get upgraded to Vocaloid3 in time, I presume those voices will sound better too.

Here's a great example of their chorus, also their Appends and Act2's sing:

Another chorus, I think Len sounds better in this:


SO TRUE but Miku is more suitable to represent the Vocaloid Family - visitor

Perhaps it's time for a change... ;) - visitor

I love how you said that they can be extremely cute in one song and die in another and get eaten by ants while the other Kagamine tells a ghost story in the next song! This is the exact awesomeness of Vocaloids singing whatever you want them to! - visitor

I just want to say one thing ANTICHLOROBENZENE - visitor

YES YES YES ANTICHLOROBENZENE! (Plus Paradichlorobenzene, and the Benzene song... ) RICE CAKES, SEA ANEMONES, BENZENE... *Falls asleep - visitor