Kagamine Rin and Len


Think about the Kagamines... Yea that's what I thought... OTHER CRYPTON VOCALOIDS NEED MORE LOVE! Like I hate it when people hate on vocaloids cause they're not real. Do they sound real? YES! Are they're songs great? YES YES! RIN AND LEN? YES YES YES! American Pop these days stinks cause they all talk about the same thing OVER and OVER again. Maybe synthesizer programs should get on stage and sing... So yep I want vocaloids this time and not boring American Pop singers. Why I chose Rin and Len over miku/everyone else is because they probably have one of the most unique voices of all vocaloids! (LEN! ) I just think they should get more attention. Great songs, adorable, (RIN! ) and they're songs are about daily life things... Lost destination, Abstract Nonsense, Daughter/Servant of evil, (Well if you think about its real life. ) and many other songs! HORRAY FOR RIN AND LEN! (Plus the others... ) As long as Lens fangirl song doesn't start playing we should have a great olympics! ( Lens ...more

Kagamine Rin and Len are known throughout many countries, and giving them a chance to shine further would be amazing. Just because they aren't truly "real", they don't get to preform often. Through the thousands of fans they have, Len and Rin have been able to gain souls, personalities, etc. They are my (and many others) favorite music providers. They can spark many emotions through their songs. No other songs in the world have been able to make me laugh, smile, cry, etc more than their songs. The Kagamine's deserve a chance at the Olympics. They Olympics always have a real singer instead of a holographic computer program, why not make it a year to remember with a new twist?

Vocaloid is a computer voice synthesizer. Most of the songs and music videos are made by fans, instead of a big company that only wants money. However, when you Google "vocaloid", most of the results show Hatsune Miku, and the assumption is that either the others are horrible singers or they aren't popular at all. This is completely not true. Kagamine Rin and Len were engineered to blend their voices perfectly and as a result, sound much better than Miku.
Besides, this is the century of technology, and so why not have singers that are the product of technology? They might not be real, but they can really show the world how advanced science can be, and they will be the first 3D holograms to sing at the olympics!

I love Rin and Len. Nothing would make me happier than having them sing in front of the whole world. They have great diversity from happy go lucky songs that make any day feel bright to dramatic songs that tug at the heart strings (3 had me on the verge of tears). People need to know that they exist and that even though they're nothing but a voice synthesizer, done right, they can sing songs that rival singers of today with greater depth and meaning.

Both Kagamine Rin and Len are impressive and talented singers. Who cares if they are computerized? They are as good as any human singer alive today, maybe even better! They can and will change the world's perspective of music. Even if they are virtual stars, they are still stars!

They need more love! Miku has all the good songs and people rarely know about them. I say they should perform instead of Miku or maybe even Luka there are more Vocaloids out there instead of Miku people. Yes KAITO was hated last time but Len and Rin will rock the stage.

LEN AND RIN MUST SING! They're my favorite Vocaloids ever! Please don't let Miku sing, she's too popular and not as good as these two. Plus, wouldn't it be awesome to have two Vocaloids sing and not just one? Make the world realize how amazing these two are and vote for them!

They are so cute! I love their songs and story's they have inspired me to learn Japanese. Their songs are inspire ring even if they are not real, they make me laugh, cry, and more, if any one is going to sing it should be these too even if it is not in the right launguage, they have great vices and everyone should know who they are. Their not real? So what! They have billions of fans all over the world! So I think they should sing they are the new music of the world and it is pretty darn good!

Rin and Len are the only Vocaloids that have ever made me cry. Their voice have more emotion than others. Maybe their voices are sharp, but that is what makes them sound do powerful. They sound just beautiful. I hope they'll be number one on this list again!

Rin and Len show how much technology can do. They are amazing singers who put as much emotion into their songs as a human singer does. It's been almost a year since I discovered Vocaloid, and Len's cover of "Kocchi Muite Baby" was the song that made me obsessed. Ever since then, not a day has gone by without listening to at least one of their songs. Please vote for these awesome singers, because honestly, Miku gets almost all the attention and made #1 on the 2012 list. Why not give Rin and Len the love this year?

Kagamine Rin and Len are, by far, my favorite singers in vocaloid history (not saying that the other vocaloids aren't brilliant either). Most people bash on vocaloids in general for not being real, but all their songs touch the heart and souls of their fans. Their songs should be shared with people all around the world.

Len was my first Vocaloid. I'll always hold a special love for him. And I know hundreds of people say that they aren't "real" or that they cannot ever be as good as a human, well, that is their problem. If they're gonna hate, so be it. Just don't go around yelling it at strangers. All the Vocaloids should go, It'd please all the fans and convince the haters.

Rin and Len are Amazing! Please give them the chance to perform! They're always been here for the fans!, so please give them a shot to kagamine perform in Sochi Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremonies!

Rin and Len are the best Vocaloids EVER! In my opinion they are better than Miku, but I don't hate her. I just think they deserve the love. Everyday I'M ROADAROLLING! *starts dancing*

If people listen to their songs, the can get a different perspective of the world. If they are mostly well known to the fans, shouldn't everyone get a chance to listen to their (sometimes inspirational) songs?

Have you ever heard their songs? The songs "Servant of Evil", "Daughter of Evil", "Trick and Treat", "Black cats of Halloween" and "Paradise of light and shadow" are emotional and are great in quality and story. Out of all of the artists I'v listened to, and I've listened to quite a few, Those two adorable twins top them all. (Hatsune Miku seconds them. )

I think Vocaloids are the way to go! Practically every singer enhances their voice with computers... Why not use actual computers? Rin an Len are the best at this job... I think that if America is exposed to a Vocaloid of this level (sorry, Miku), the Vocaloid would be "All the rage). It wouuld be about time, too.

The twins music actually have emotions in them unlike these newer people that just talk about partying. They're not real humans which makes them cooler.

Kagamine Rin and Len have just as much a right to perform at the Olympics as anyone. They are far better than most "boy bands" anyway so why not let them perform? Come on, I know at least some of you reading this are cosplayers or anime fans, so vote Kagamine!

Most people would vote for miku hatsune but most people don't realise that there are others in the program and rin and len are my favorite

I love the Kagamine twins the best out of all the vocaloids but still I think that not just them should have a spot on stage but all the vocaloids!

They are awesome :l :) :D Really awesome!

I think that len and rin should win... Wait that rhymes

Rin and Len all the way. It was a bit hard though because I also love AKB48.

The Kagamine Twins are not as well known as the famouse Miku Hatsune but their songs and quality are the same. People that follow the Vocaliod programs know very well what I speak of. Thought, like many others had said they are not real doesn't mean they aren't good. They will have their flaws just like humans because, well, they were mad by humans.

If we don't get a vocaloid concert at the Olympics, I'm moving to Saturn PLEASE OLYMPICS PEOPLE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE