Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.


Hatsune Miku is a great inspiration to everyone around the world. Even if she isn't real. Her creators are real, and they have done the impossible: to create an imaginary pop star. Even if people don't speak Japanese, they can still enjoy vocaloid. I do not speak a word of Japanese, but I still enjoy her music and voice. The lyrics can be meaningful or just fun (if you can translate or know the language). I VOTE MIKU!

4 years ago you folks all said the same thing about Hatsune Miku... but because she is not real, is a hologram, and is the work of hundreds of peoples labor, and has no real voice as one singer... she will not even be considered by the Olympics committee. What is loved by 15 year old Japanese girls... is not going to be loved by people of all ages worldwide.

Hatsune Miku is awesome MUCH better than one direction, face it only girls like one direction and its a bit unfair to the dudes but add Miku in and TA the a perfect match many dudes around the world LOVE Miku and honestly I thought the games were suppose to be multi cultured if so then why the HELL is only English singers singing give Miku a chance bro.

Miku has to occur this year no matter if someone says she's not real,

She exists in the hearts of her fans and she has many fans around the world

Another reason is, that she is the future and to be honest I know her one year and think that she and the vocaloids are the best Pop Stars in the history (sorry for my bad English I am from Austria)

She is awesome and people should try a different type of singer. I don't think people should always stick to the same singer. They should try to listen to a different type of singer. Hatsune Miku can bring a revolution to the whole world if she is publicly shown throughout the whole world.

To be honest she has more talent than most of the American pop stars we see today. Who wouldn't want to see her perform? Technology is something everyone finds amazing and she is most definitely technology. Would you like to see Miku? She writes over 100 songs every year that can be written by anyone! No human can really do that.

Miku is an amazing singer, although she is just a computerised programme. Though it would be amazing to have her perform at the Olympics. She would be the very first hologram performing for the Olympics, anyway.
Many may criticise this because I am talking about a hologram. The Olympics have never even had Miku to perform before! Why give it a go? Why not have a change for once?

Same as what everyone else says. She deserves to be heard by the world, and the fact that she's at the top of TheTopTens list proves that she is famous Worldwide, and she brings more than half of the world together with her songs!

Miku really should perform at the Olympics because her great music and she inspires people. Also in addition for people think the music for Miku is made by computers some of the music is create by expert musicians who work hard to get the right sound for Miku's music.

Although Luka is my personal favorite Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku has been the most popular Vocaloid in the history of Crypton by far, and should represent her entire "family" because of her success. Even though Luka, Rin and Len are amazing as well, I feel that Miku is the embodiment of all of her family merged together.

I really understand people wanting Miku singing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics (though by the time I'm writting this the event already ended), but honestly it would be kinda out-of-place for reasons I'm gonna tell now.
First of all, nobody has seen a computarized singer singing at any Olympics Opening Ceremonies before, as far as I know. Second of all, she looks and sounds way too, uh, "cute" for an Olympics Opening Ceremony, given that so far we've seen singers with normal hair and normal voices (some of them having really good-sounding voices, AFAIK). Not to mention that she also sounds and looks very young which could very well weird out the audience (I could see more adult-sounding Vocaloids such as Luka, Meiko or Kaito sounding good to the audience, though). Third, she's a JAPANASE singer, mostly at least. Sure, there's English versions of her voice, but most of the Vocaloid community doesn't seem to enjoy them as much as the Japanase versions, AFAIK. But hey, nothing ...more - letcreate123

Hatsune Miku is a great inspiration to music and to people. She is widely becoming now, since social media is getting advanced with more Miku fans, I really bet that Hatsune Miku would make a great singer during the Olympics.

I really wanted to see the first virtual singer on the top of the world such as this one. Even though I envy SeeU but this one will be superb for a show. It will be a blast! I just know it!

I'm from Brazil and I would love to see her here. I'm sure that she has a lot of fans here too. I really think it would be cool. Let's make it happen guys!

Miku deserves to be at the Olympics perhaps that'll make her more famous and maybe the fans of her will be able to see more of her concerts in their countries. Go Miku!

OH MY GOSH YES! My dream would be for some of the most well known Vocaloids to perform - Miku, Kaito, Rin & Len, Luka, Meiko, Gumi... I could go on forever! Their music is just so unique - I mean, you'd never hear anything quite like it on Vevo. It's not your stereotypical music, but combined they cover just about all genres :D Vocaloid is amazing

Alright Miku... Let's rock with your awesome music. Let's sing tell your world so everyone knows that you are really alive but live in the different world.

She is a great singer even though she's not real.
Our virtual diva must be at the ceremony since she wasn't last year.
We love Miku!

I guess Miku should she is entertaining, beautiful, wonderful, has a very great voice and good meaning of the songs... if you understand Japanese

I just have one thing to say: Miku is awesome and even though she may not be real, she certainly is real in her fan's hearts.

If this world really is going to make use of the potential technology out there then Hatsune Miku is a must for Rio in 2016. It would be amazing and attract interest to the olymics from even the least sporty out there!

Hatsune miku is distinguished in many different fields.

She deserves to be on the list, this would be the reason why I would watch this Olympics ceremony. - AlfredFJones

She should be perform at the Olympics. She great and her music is awesome no matter what.

At list miku is not a brainwashing mtv