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1 David Bowie David Bowie David Robert Jones was born in London on January 8, 1947, the son of a fundraiser and a waitress. He died in New York on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69, a hero to millions. more.

RIP Mr. Bowie. I rather like your music. Life on Mars makes many memories. Thank you. - Britgirl

2 Daughtry Daughtry Daughtry is an American rock band formed and fronted by namesake Chris Daughtry, who was a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol. Their self-titled debut album was released in November 2006.

Remember this I my Personal Preference so don't get mad at me! But Daughtry is one of the Fave Bands of all time There isn't a Song they do that I don't Like! Chris Daughtry I've been following since American Idol where he got eliminated too soon in my view! They've gone on to heights nobody thought they could but Chris Daughtry is one of the most Successful Idol's & he didn't even Win! The whole band is Fantastic & I Love nearly all their songs But my most Faves are : Home ( in my top 3 songs of all time), September, No Surprise, It's not over, Crawling back to you, We're not gonna fall, Gone too soon, Over you, Open up your eyes, Feels like tonight, Waiting for Superman, Ghost of me, All these Lives, Long way, Outta my head & others
Daughtry is Outstanding to me! They've got the goods. - Curti2594

3 Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

I recently got to see her live and wow she's real! - Curti2594

Demi is somewhat of a Inspiration to me. Also I'm defiantly a Lovatic! - Curti2594

Wow Demi She's an Inspiration to me what else can I really say! Her Strength & passion are amazing to me!
My Fave Demi Songs are, Give you Heart a Break, This is me, Skyscraper, Wouldn't Change a thing, Fix a heart, Remember December, Mistake, & etc - Curti2594

4 Disturbed Disturbed Disturbed is an American heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois . The band comprises vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren . They are known for songs like "Down With the Sickness" and "Stricken" .

This Heavy Hard Rock Band is Awesome! Really Talented in what they do!
I love their songs : Another Way to die, Stricken, I'm alive, The Night, Inside the Fire! - Curti2594

They have one of my favorite songs - bobbythebrony

5 Deep Purple Deep Purple Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, more.

Famous for maybe the most Famous Guitar Riff of all Time in Smoke on the Water! - Curti2594

6 Deadmau5 Deadmau5 Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) is a Canadian DJ producer, formerly a web developer, who produces a wide variety of electronic musical genres, such as electro and dubstep, but is best known for pioneering work in the areas of progressive house and electrohouse. Notable songs include Ghosts n' more.

My 2nd favorite artist of all time. - Lasvegasxavier

I'm not a big Lover of this Genre but Deadmau5 is cool!

Ghosts n Stuff & The Veldt are my faves - Curti2594

They're OK songs, Curtis. But my favourites are I Remember, Not Exactly and Faxing Berlin.
Deadmau5 is amazing. You just fall in with the flow of pretty much any track he plays. - PositronWildhawk

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7 Def Leppard Def Leppard Def Leppard are an English rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement.

One of the most Famous 80's Bands for many reasons : Their talent, their lyrics, their controversy & there Songs like Photograph, animals, Pour Some Sugar on me, Rock of ages, Two steps behind, When Love & Hate Collide, Hysteria, Foolin, Bringin on the Heartbreak! - Curti2594

8 The Doors The Doors The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore.

How are Deadmau5 and Daft Punk higher than this?

Because they are quite simply amazing. But that's not to put down the Doors; a very talented group. - PositronWildhawk

"You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I were to say to you, 'Girl, we couldn't get much higher.' Come on baby, light my fire…"
Even if they'd quit after their debut, they would still be legends. - PetSounds

9 Dream Theater Dream Theater Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band. The band was formed in 1985 under the name of "Majesty", but had to change its name to Dream Theater later. more.
10 David Cook

American Idol winner in 2007 He's underrated For how Talented he really is His Voice is great!
I love Right here With you, Time of my life, We Believe, Heroes, Don't you Forget about me, Permanent, Light on, This is not the Last time & others - Curti2594

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11 Dire Straits Dire Straits Dire Straits were a British rock band formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler, his younger brother David Knopfler, John Illsley, and Pick Withers.
12 Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran are an English new wave/synthpop band formed in Birmingham in 1978. They were a successful band of the 1980s and a leading band in the MTV-driven "Second British Invasion" of the US.
13 Dio Dio Dio was an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, after he left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice. V 1 Comment
14 Don Henley Don Henley Donald Hugh "Don" Henley is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and drummer, best known as a founding member of the Eagles before launching a successful solo career.

Member Of the Eagles & when he was on his own he made a few big Songs like Heart of the Matter & Boys of the summer! - Curti2594

15 Daft Punk Daft Punk Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Something About Us, Face to Face, etc... - PeterG28

Harder, Better, Faster Stronger! - Curti2594

16 Dr. Dre Dr. Dre Andre Romelle Young, better known by his stage name Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.
17 Dragonforce Dragonforce DragonForce are a British power metal band based in London, England. Formed in 1999, the group are known for their long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound.

Toughest Guitar hero/Rock band song ever - Curti2594

18 The Devil Wears Prada
19 Deftones Deftones Deftones are an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. The band, which was founded in 1988, consists of Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Frank Delgado, Abe Cunningham and Sergio Vega.
20 Default/Dallas Smith

The Canadian Rock Band there really good but highly underrated! At the moment their Lead Singer Dallas Smith doing Country Rock it's turning out really good too might I add!
Default songs I like : Wasting my time, Memory will never die, Little Too late, Count on me, Throw it all away.
Dallas Smith songs I like: Nothing but summer, What kinda love, Somebody somewhere, Tippin point, Jumped right in - Curti2594

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