Ranked! Episode 15- AMAs Performances 2016

Fun fact. I was supposed to release this a year ago. But I just sorta dragged it, and when the nominees for 2017 came out, I decided I’d release it on the day of the show. But I just didn’t. So we’re here now. Almost a week later than my deadline which was a year later than my last one. I need to get organized.

The reordering for this is determined by the following:
Rating of actual song: Max. 5 points. (in case of 1+ songs, compute average)
Rating of performance: Max. 5 points
16 points for the best performance, 1 point for the worst, everything else fills in.
16 points for the best song, 1 point for the worst, everything else fills in.

Then, the total number of points gets added up.

16. Treat You Better/Mercy by Shawn Mendes (5/42)
Song Score: 1/5,16 th Place
Performance Score: 0/5, 14 th Place
He sounds annoying, the song sucks, and I hope Mendes gets famous enough to forget this ever happened.

15. Let It Go (6/42)
Song Score: 1/5, 13 th Place
Performance Score: 0/5, 16 th Place
Honestly, I could have liked this performance. It's just... the song's over a year old. And he was focusing on re-promoting Hold Back The River anyways. You should have given your guitars some credit as well, the were there for a reason. He wasn't putting enough passion into the performance anyway, and it sounds like it was just there as a filler and for that it was the most useless and unnecessary performance of the night.

14. That’s My Girl (12.5/42)
Song Score: 1/5, 14 th Place
Performance Score: 1.5/5, 10 th Place
I can’t remember if this was before or after Camila. Either way, it’s not good. I mean, the song was kinda annoying, and this performance was just them trying to get the studio version and failing. It wasn’t bad, but yeah, no it was pretty bad.

13. Heathens/Stressed Out (13.5/42)
Song Score: 2.5/5, 8 th Place
Performance Score: 0/5, 15 th Place
This should honestly be a lot lower than it actually is. But… yeah Stressed Out is a great song. Still Heathens is absolutely terrible, and this dude’s vocals. Oh my lord this dude’s vocals.

12. Don’t Wanna Know (14/42)
Song Score: 1/5, 15 th Place
Performance Score: 2/5, 8 th Place
*UPDATE* I made this ranking a while ago, and the song’s score is actually a 4/5 now. I’m just too lazy to fix it.
The rest of the band is literally just standing there. I’m not even joking they aren’t playing the instruments barring a riff here and there. They’re just standing. Kendrick got some hype in there so that was cool.

11. Side To Side (18/42)
Song Score: 1/5, 12 th Place
Performance Score: 2/5, 7 th Place
This song sucks and it’s just as annoying irl. But godammit Grande and Minaj are excellent performers even if the jungle aesthetic was creepy.

10. Let Me Love You (15/42)
Song Score: 2/5, 9 th Place
Performance Score: 1/5, 13 th Place
Pretty filler tbh. His fans were also just crying for no specific reason.

9. Closer (22.5/42)
Song Score: 1.5/5, 10 th Place
Performance Score: 3/5, 6 th Place
Oh hey he was actually singing this time! And Halsey doesn’t sound bad either! I also liked the bald hair, kinda like a middle finger to Taggart. And the cameo of Travis Barker fit well (play that blink-182 song getit?)

8. This Town (23.5/42)
Song Score: 4/5, 7 th Place
Performance Score: 1.5/5, 9 th Place
Look, I really wanted to like it. It's just... this town doesn't fit this sort of performance well. The performance bored me, and didn't do much for me. I'll give Niall credit as it was his first performance (and he surely acted more sincere then ZAYN, who somewho managed to top The Chainsmokers for biggest douchebag in music thanks to his acceptance speech for Best New Artist).

7. Do You Mind (27/42)
Song Score: 5/5, 1 st Place
Performance Score: 1/5, 12 th Place
Amazing song, hilarious performance. My favorite part was when Khaled just ran around the stage screaming.

6. Bang Bang (27.5/42)
Song Score: 5/5, 2 nd Place
Performance Score: 1.5/5, 11 th Place
Honestly, these guys are too old to pull off live performances. Even the political skit was kinda cringe.

5. 24K Magic (28.5/42)
Song Score: 1.5/5, 11 th Place
Performance Score: 5/5, 1 st Place
I hate this song, but goddammit Bruno Mars is a legend. Great way to open up the show.

4. Starboy (31.5/42)
Song Score: 4.5/5, 6 th Place
Performance Score: 4/5, 5 th Place
It was good.

3. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You/Message In A Bottle/Every Breath You Take (34/42)
Song Score: 4.5/5, 5 th Place
Performance Score: 4.5/5, 4 th Place
It was a nice sentiment, and I do like Sting.

2/1. Million Reasons (38/42)
Song Score: 5/5, 5 th Place
Performance Score: 5/5, 2 nd Place
Damn Gaga is great.

2/1. Love Me Now (38/42)
Song Score: 5/5, 4 th Place
Performance Score: 5/5, 3 rd Place
This was sweet. He got the whole crowd moving and everything.

Also, quick ranking of the 2017 ones:
1. P!nk
2. Zedd/Alessia Cara
3. Selena Gomez/Marshmello
4. Niall Horan
5. Demi Lovato
6. Lady Gaga
7. P!nk/Kelly Clarkson
8. Diana Ross
9. Shawn Mendes
10. Kelly Clarkson
11. Portugal. The Man
12. Imagine Dragons/Khalid
13. Hailee Steinfield/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/Watt
14. BTS
15. Christina Aguilera
16. Macklemore/Skylar Grey
17. Nick Jonas (honestly I’d give this performance a 3/5 still, all of them were pretty good tbh)

Oh well, that was that. Next up is my November PandaPop which was supposed to be released a week before this post’s last deadline, and then Worst Of 2017 which is supposed to be in two days but knowing me will be two weeks.


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