Beautiful voice, dance, performance, and song

Yeah! A totally! A rare chance! And AAA are unique unlike the other band/group! I'm sure you can see that

AAA is an amazing and talent band! Their performance will rock your heart!

Their voice are cute and cool!
Their performance is also good!
I hope that AAA become more famous and they get a lot of fans

AAA is the best! I love their voice, song, performer and personality as well

AAA is the most talented group, I think.
It is one of the reason why they're popular that they're dance, songs and guilty to people around them.

They are perfect!
Their song&dance are very cool!
And they are very interesting

I love a very much!
They are cool, cute, interesting, exciting... Amazing!

I really love AAA and therefore the vote.
I love both their songs and their personalities, their lyrics are great and they also

They're music was what started me liking Japanese pop music and I want them to go global :D

AAA is my favorite artist. Their performance is very very wonderful. So I think that everyone who saw them will become their fan.

I love this group and it's amazing see them in a ceremony as olympic games... ganbatte kudasai AAA I hope you can be in this stage :) love from Colombia

Attack all around can attack all around, they have great vocals and dance moves. Seasoned pros that can bring their talents to be admired at a grand stage such as the Olympics!

AAA is awesome!
They have many good songs!
AAA is popular in Japan and foreign country!
I think AAA is the best singer for Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

AAA is one of the best performance group. Their dances fascinate many people. I think AAA is suitable for Tokyo Olympic!

I think that the AAA is cool, and I am good for the opening scene of a play of the Olympics.
I love AAA!

AAA are so good in their live performances! You can learly listen their beautiful and powerful voices!

AAA have many good songs. But many don't know AAA. All of funs wanna know their because they can support all of athlete! And they can hate up all of audience! Please listen their songs and you'll find they
Are great groups!

AAA is the best.
Their voices are wonderful to the point that you get moved to tears.
They have a splendid singing voice and technique.
The A has each good point in a group of the man and woman mixture.

I'm proud that AAA is Japanese artist.
I want to hear their songs all over the world.
I make sure that anyone found AAA great.

They song is very good! AAA is the best!

AAA is the best than other singers!

They are perfect! Their song&dance are very cool! And they are very interesting.

The AAA sings a good song.
All music is the texts that they can sympathize with.
I love AAA.
So I want you to sing by the Olympics of 2020.

They are amazing group!
I think people around the world can
Feel their wonderful spirit.