The girl idols are the best and they are cute and sexy. AKB48 is the best idol group!

Their songs are so cheerful! Also, same with the competitors, girls of AKB48 are working hard for their dreams. I think they should really be voted.

AKB48 is the most appealing J-Pop idol group right now and they're gathering fans all over the world too, they made it to international charts with outstanding records, and they are (probably) one of the most accurate representation of how it is in Tokyo since it is the Tokyo Olympics. I think they're well-suited for this.

AKB contain different group overseas and I think it is meaningful for world peace and friendship

As they walked through their path which is full of challenge and difficulties, no one offered a helping hand to them. Now, they finally shines as a result of their own persistency and continuous effort. Their dedication and hardworking always gave me power.

Obviously, the most popular idol group are expected to appear in this special ceremony by many people. Their performance will delight visitors from all over the world.

Watanabe Mayu is the first idol I love. I want to see her and her members dancing in 2020. This group brings me a lot.

AKB48 is the best group, they have very sweet voice and they are very cute! They should be the only one in 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

Their style and fame can represent Japan perfectly. I guess everyone would like to see a cute, famous and cheerful idol group to perform in the Olympic.

AKB48 combination in Japan since 2005, has been active so far, they are now very fire idol group, has a great influence in Japan, their past experiences can inspire the athletes, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games the most like to see them!

Their songs really encouraged me when I was in desperation, these girls rescued me. I love them!

The super idol. Support Watanabe Mayu

I think AKB48 can stand for Japan and they are best idol group.

In fact, nothing want to say, just want to let AKB48 site bigger stage, want to let them see the different world

It's the most popular idol group in Japan, and they can give power to players. I really love them.

They are representative of the younger generation in Japan, and also the new culture icon.

I really think AKB48 is the cutest idol group in Japan with so many songs that very popular!

The most representative Japanese idol group. They deserve it.

Many AKB members are fluent in English, and the world loves em

I like AKB48, and I hope girls have more memory when she in AKB.

I love AKB48! AKB48 gas! Come on. I believe in you, you are the best!

Because there are most popular

Cute girls and I would to choose the first 8 akb members

AKB48 is a very good idol group, they are very cute, their songs can give our happy.

They are very cute! Is the most popular idol group with many records in Japan