The Gazette

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The Gazette, originally known as Gazette, is a Japanese visual kei rock band from Kanagawa formed in early 2002. The band is currently signed to Sony Music Records.


Their performances have a lot of energy and can get everyone pumped up and feel good! The band is capable of arresting the attention of a large audience and appeals to a variety of age groups irrespective of gender. To be honest: As a foreigner, I feel the band has a cool image - attractive but lacking the tame plastic charm of most mainstream boy bands or solo artists which have been associated with Asian artists. The band's immense popularity and charm also cannot be denied! I think they will make the opening memorable and make it unique. I am in no way demeaning other talented artists out there, but I personally feel a cool rock-band like the GazettE will make the opening memorable. Though once very unfairly considered a band for fangirls and visual-kei fans I am very pleased to see the GazettE has broken such stereotypes and boundaries. The number of male fans overseas has increased greatly offering rave reviews. I am not saying it is 'bad' to have just female fans. I am just ...more

My favourite band :) they changed my life

Gazette should go because they are really well know and they are really popular oversea besides who's a better singer than ruki?

The GazettE is the number 1 rock band in Japan! Of course they should perform fot the 2020 olympics. Every sixth gun knows that they always perform the best lives! - madameRed

The GazettE is trully an amazing band! Their music goes above and beyond language barriers! The world needs to see them!

The GazettE at the Olympics would be just lovely and cool!

Gazette has many fans around the world. They literally are the best musical act to greet the countries coming in 2020.

They are the best Japanese musicians. This is a fact, guys.

I love the GazettE! Can be the best opening ever!

I love them it would be so Awesome to see them perform at the Olympics:) and actually see it in USA:)

USA loves The GazettE

They are known all over the world, so I think it will be great if they'll perform in the Olympic games.

Visual Kei is more representative Japanese music outside Japan.

The GazettE is my favorite band!

The GazettE with their powerful music will be able to set the mood for the Olympians who'll compete. They're an amazing band and will not disappoint! And their international fanbase will be excited to see them perform!

This band should to sing in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremonies 2020
I love this band and I want it so much!

Is the best band that exist! Their music is awesome!

They are the best band! Hello from Armenia!

They are perfect and make really good music

I'm OBSESSED WITH THE GAZETTE! And that this band is the best band ever! I don't like when people judge them for who they R. It really shouldn't madder if they wear makeup and stuff. People should learn to support this band. RUKI, KAI, URUHA, AOI, and REITA are great people and are life savers. They love us. So what us GazettE fans need to do is show them more support and love instead of likeing them for just their faces. Some girls actually think that. They only love GazettE because of the way they look. Those people out their doesn't even know one word about the GazettE. Well I do. It's because I support and love them and know EVERYTHING about this band. This band try their very hardest to make us happy. So all I'm trying to say is support the GazettE. This band is very awesome and I would love to see them in person one day.

They'll feel very happy if they play in the opening ceremony of the olympics ^-^

The GazettE have always liked to remain underground. They behave well and they ask their fans to do the same; they're generally a really good example of genuinely nice people. Besides that, their music is accessible to all sorts of people, considering the wide range of genres they seem to have mastered from electronic to straight up rock, from attitude-filled rap to really lovely, deep ballads. I'd love to see them open the Olympics because I really feel like they deserve all of the recognition they can get - but... they're also like this precious secret I want to keep to myself. Good luck to the boys!

For me, GazettE is surely the best band in Japan! I'm from Poland and I listen to them all the time. Their lyrics, music and style is just something beautiful. I wish I could see them doing very important things. I wish them all the best in this chart!

The greatest band, the GazettE should perform the opening. They'll get everyone pumped up for the events bring everyone together. Each member is unique in their own way and together an inspiring strong band. Each song an touching sweet melody to the soul..

The Gazette vote because it is a great band, and because they have that special charisma that sets them apart from everyone else, and because I love! Are the most! Really adorable and her songs are beautiful! I love them!

The Gazette must be there because they really deserve to be the best. That's would be great opening in the Tokio Olympics if they win. their music is such full of energy and passion. My big respect to them. Good luck.