Hey! Say! Jump


I vote for JUMP... Yeah other artists maybe great! Mind blowing! Awesome! But.. Jump have a different charm of 9.. And their songs are encouraging and true.. Not only their songs but they themselves as well are true and sing with all their might... I've been a fan of different artists but I've never seen any love they show for their fans like jump did... Just one of their song changed my life, cheered and encouraged me to face everyday.. So I want anyone... Everyone who faced the same pain as I did to find true happiness I got from jump!

Unlike some groups out there, Hey Say Jump sing from their hearts. They try their best in order to achieve not only their goals but the fan's love as well. I strongly recommend this group should perform for the opening of the 2020 Olympics. Through their voices, dance and actions they show the world that persistencey, courage and teamwork is the key to a dream come true.

Hey! Say! Jump members are young and active. Besides, they're a group of 9 members who can actually entertain lots of people. They can also play instruments and sports. And all of them can sing and dance. They're a group of complete package, very talented boys.

It'd be amazing if they open the Olympic Games! They're very popular and have the energy and music

They are very hyper, cheerful and talented! Their songs gave encouragements and love. They've once become a supporter for volleyball. Then why not this? They also made records, esspecially, Yamada Ryosuke-kun. They deserves this. I and the other fans worldwide know this.

They definitely deserve to perform. Don't just think about the people there, but think about the people watching right on T.V.. I'm from Canada, and I would LOVE to see them perform! They're awesome! Also, people who don't know about them, will definitely know about them then when they perform at the Olympics. Love you Hey! Say! JUMP!

They're really good in all aspects! I love them! They can make the crowd happy and excited with them! Especially the cutest male idol, Yamada Ryosuke!

Hey! Say! Jump is a group I truly admire, and I believe many girls do, too. It would be wonderful if they were to perform in the Tokyo Olympics :) Many people (especially fangirls) would be delighted. I assure you that.

Let them be a part of the olympics. I'm sure they could pull off a performance that could make Japan proud!

There are really good in many perform, and I love Hey! Say! JUMP too

They are very popular indeed. Also, they are energetic, bright and talented. They really deserve a place!

Hey say jump member, they are very talented and every single they song or they dance is so great,

Hey! Say! JUMP the best band ever, my favorite team

They are beautiful young and cool! The are NUMBER 1!

They touches both youth and adults heart through their music so I believe that they will be suitable for the opening act :3

Hey say jump best Japanese boy band they need this opportunity please help support jump

I like their songs and they are the best band that I know!

I always feel energized whenever I see them perform! They're so high spirited and cheerful group that could spread happiness!

Look at their song that so cheerful /0 they will make the opening colorful

I would be very glad to see the opening of the Olympic games group Hey! Say! JUMP.

They are really lovely and cute, like Japan!

I like them!
Look at them and heart rejoices!

They are so cute. I love them very much.

It is not easy to have so many members in a group, but Hey! Say! Jump has always show a harmony atmosphere and warm people hearts. They might not be the best, but they are a suitable representative as a team with good spirit. ^^

Their songs inspiring me when I getting into trouble. Although Arashi is the best singer group in Japan, Hey Say Jump also the best group in the Japan. Owning to the same age, I prefer them to other group. Because I can understand their thinking which they want to deliver to fans in the song. What's more, no one can deny their talent and strength. As we know, they work so hard that we should respect them as model.