Jin Akanishi


He is really a talented singer and actor, he's very freedom just do what ever he wants never mind what others look him just go straight and reach his goal, this spirit is similar as athletes no matter how hard, how far just do the things they believe in and reach it

His songs and voice are very cool!

He can sing in English very well.. He debuted in US and he was number 1 in itunes is a very handsome Japanese men and he is very talented

English can also be spoken and communication important No. 1 called language can take, and since activity is expected internationally, I regard performance, a song, etc. as Jin Akanishi being leading.

Jin Akanishi's beautiful voice is
What is recognized in the world.
One of his hit singles, Hey What's Up, is based on the concept of showcasing the vibrant city of Tokyo to the world.

Jin definitely has the positive attitude which showing the passion, persistence, and optimism of the life style. And most important, representing a positive spirit of Japan! His recently hit single "HEY WHAT'S UP" describing a fun, vibrant, diversiform, and attractive Tokyo to the world, makes itself fitting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mostly!

His music is the BEST. Please check out "Hey What's up? " that theme is Tokyo. I guess he can write special song for Tokyo Olympic!

Do you have any idea which song of his that I love most? It's SET LOVE FREE. I like it so much and listen to this song circularly all day. It's amazing to find this characterless-looked song so adorable. He is so talented a man and I hope to see him sing this song on stage one day.

Surely, Jin should be able to boost the Tokyo! He's the best! Very good voice! I want you to listen to everyone around the world! !

Jin Akanishi has experienced lots of things whether are goods or bad. And why we love him so much is the spirit that don't give up music, moved us deeply, and learn lots of from him. The single called "HEY WHAT'S UP" has show Tokyo to the world. We believe him can do that. JIN, fighting! You can do it!

Jin's song "Hey what's up" talks about Tokyo and it's a nice song to increase the tension and excitement. He loves soccer and he can speak English!

I love his beautiful voice and sexy dance. He creates his own special style by combining Janpanese and American melody. Hope I could see him on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

He deserve to perform there! Come on man, please choose human! Not a vocaloid, they are not real. Stupidest thing I can imagine, comparing human's talent with a vocaloid. I rather have JB concert (i'm his hater) than a vocaloid concert

He is becoming a famous actor because of 47Ronin. Then if he sings his song, especially "Hey what's up? ", it would be great performance for everyone include foreign people. If everyone check its PV, you might feel that this is the best song for promoting Tokyo!

Jin is a very talented composer & artist who should also be put in for one of the artist to perform onstage for the Tokyo Olympics too! Especially now that he's gone solo & his song "Hey What's Up" already promotes Tokyo to the world! ^^ Worth a shot!

This song is fresh and make people feel happy. It's good to share with everybody comes from different countries of the world! I expect "Hey What's Up" will be performed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremonies!

He can write song by himself and his English is very well. His voice also beautiful. He can use his song to relay the spirit of the Tokyo Olympic to all of the world.

He is a special artist!
He can create various-fine, beautiful, impression and attractive like competition of the Olympic-music!
When you do not choose him, you suffer a loss... ♡
Please choose Jin Akanishi!

Akanishi is the channel connecting the world and Japan. His vivid style of music would promote the opening ceremonies, creating a positive atmosphere for the whole games.

I'd like to say... Jin is an international singer. He has a lot of fans all over the world. His music is an international and fresh. I am from Russia and I want to see Jin Akanishi singing in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremonies 2020.

Now he claimed to expand and focus his career mainly in US and related countries, he definitely suits the global image as freedom and energy more than any other artists in Japan. Vote for him guys!

Would be great to see Jin Akanishi at the inauguration of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, is a very talented artist and her voice is extraordinary.

Jin is a good singer with talent. People around the world can share Jin's special world view through his music.

I would like to Jin Akanishi sing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It is one of the best voices I've heard in my life! Please do not be sorry!

Jin akanishi has an universal influence and his international music genre is the best greeting to the world.