Megurine Luka

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Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.


Luca-sama! You are our precious Goddess! Your magical voice subdued and charmed!

Luka is my favorite vocaloid, she has soft voice that makes me enjoy her songs. Luka standing on the bigger stage is my dream.

Vocaloid have much to show the world, they are a marvel of advanced technology! They can perform any song in any genre! And Luka, if I may say - a goddess!

You are beautiful, Luka. Thank you, for your existence.

Lukas songs make me feel really happy whenever I am down so I would love to hear her sing in 2020!

I love Megurine Luka! She must sing!

I like LUKA so much! Please sing with MIKU together!

Luka is the queen in vocaloid! I prefer to see Miku and her sing together.

Luka is one Vocaloid that I am really fond of and I would love to see her rocking the Olympics.

Luka san! I ALWAYS love your songs! You are my goddess! I am waiting for you in Tokyo!

I hope Luka will appear in the opening ceremony together with Miku.

She can sing in english with better pronunciation and clearance

Just be friends is still my favorite after all these years

Her voice provider is awesome so she is awesome

She speaks English with a good pronunciation and the most important reason is that I love her.

Luka! If you can sing on the ceremony, you will bring the world great enjoyment as you always do.

I love Megurine Luka. She's very good. And cool. Coolest Miku. Seriously. And I am from Russia.

Her voice is amazing! She makes me feel happy. I love her even she doesn't exist! I'm ready to come to Japan if she wins!

I love Luka but she is a hologram

I don't actually hope Like can beat Miku, but I still wanna vote her and her voice.

I like her because of her great voice.

Luka's voice is so unique and coll! It would be great if she could sing at the ceremony! Also, her English voicebank is fantastic!

Luka-sama is the one who can show us real Janpanese culture. Her voice is suitable to Janpanese songs. And of course, she is my GODDES.

Although I donnot know whether she love the beautiful world,I love the beautiful world with her.

I like luka a lot,shes pop music like luka luka night fever, it just makes me wanna dance