They've represented Japan in many sports events. They have a good relationship. They make a great team. They're good, amazing and awesome. They sing and dance well. They are positive.

They fell down twice but they never give up. They lost 5 member yet they fought for their dreams. They stood up for themselves and for their fans. They love their fans so much as much the fans love them. They have a big heart. They always cheer me up. NEWS makes me happy, Makes the world happier.

They are not the most famous, but they can represent Olympic the most because they have really good relationships! They fight for their dreams and can bring out good message! They are really strong!

They're amazing and I think they are the best group EVER. They have overcome members' leaving so many times and one of them is going to do a special supporter of World Cup this year. You will like them!
They are the BEST! First you have to listen to Chankapana! The song is a first song since 2 members left the group. (to be honest 5 members left the group)

They experienced many difficulties. So their song makes a deep impression on people. I think they are suitable person to sing in 2020 Olympic.

That's because they sing so well and singing is very powerful. I was cheered them up! One of the member is detail about sports and he like playing soccer.

They are good in sport. They are good at singing! They know how to light hearts and how to support all!

The best Japanese band, your voice are

THEY DESERVE IT! NEWS has been through so much and I think it would be a great honor for them to play at this massive event! They know how to get the audiences hyped up and they constantly give it their all. My Vote will always bee for NEWS to be #1 at everything!

NEWS have been through many ups and downs in the past maybe some parts can be related to olympic athletes. Going through hard times but still coming out fighting. I think the types of songs that they sing will be suitable for olympics and they are good at singing which means they can sound good live broadcasted globally.

I love them, their voice are always amazed me!

NEWS already sing in "World Club " from FIFA in 2years, and it was good received by the male watchers, they can sing in perfect harmony and dance if it's necessary. No other band of Japanese pop was so popular in a soccer game!

They have interesting history

They're process is not easy. I mean, they have experienced very tough way. They had experienced the worst, so whatever they sing they could be nice song. Because they're obliged to being able to sing.

NEWS is a really talented music group and their team spirit are strong, their experience before also delivered the positive message of never give up with your own dream, who can be a better representative than them?

They are famous for cheerful songs which are very suitable for sport events like Olympics. They also have quite a lot of fans around the world so they deserve being on stage for Olympics 2020.

Firstly, NEWS has experience in this type of event! They sing songs especially for these occasions. For example: NEWS NIPPON or WORLD QUEST

Secondly, They are improving every year and get throw in their career as idol even when NEWS lost members and there was doubtful their came back.

Thirdly, NEWS should be an example for everyone because they don't give up!

Finally, In my opinion they have energetic songs to cheer up athletic teams. I can feel it and I'm not Japanese! And also I think they deserve it

Positive Image! A group that shows how hard they fight to be still around although a lot people thinks that they should give up. Signs of great team and sportsmanship spirits.

Because they have nice smile and good voice and big love. I think they will give us happy.

They've been working so hard lately but their group activities haven't been exactly active. It'd be nice to see them together again! They always work so hard and I think they deserve a reward for their hard work. Not to mention they are perfect singers. ❤

NEWS is the most suitable group to perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

1. They were grouped to promote the Women's World Cup of Volleyball Championships at 2003. After that, they never stop to promote these Sport events. Their song "World Quest" is the theme song of FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012. The sporty image of NEWS had already built. Therefore, they are the most suitable group to perform in the opening ceremony and promote Tokyo Olympic.

2. The name of NEWS is a contraction of North, East, West and South, signifying that the group arrives from all points of the compass. Since Olympic game is a game for all people in the world, including the people form North, East, West and South. The goal of Olympic game is to unity people all over the world. our group, NEWS is the most suitable one to represent this meaning.

3. NEWS does not only active in Japan, they had concert in Taiwan. Moreover, their sub-group, TEGOMASU had even rush out ...more

I addict their music, and it help me all days.

I'm sure they will represent Japan wonderfully.. they are really talented and the fact that they themselves love sport make them the best artist to perform...

Through its experience, it means a sprite of never give up. From the 8 to 6, and 6 to 4, the four never give up, they loves his fans and make more hard working to achieve pride. It as same as the sprite of Olympic.

They sing a lot of sport related songs which make us excited!

I think NEWS is a good option because they have experience supporting Japan in sporty events and they may represent the idea of: with effort you can do it! (because they passed difficult moments and then they came back with more energy and wonderful songs)