Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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321 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
322 LM.C
323 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra V 1 Comment
324 TM Network
325 The New Classics
326 Ensoku

"ensoku"is indies band which moves into action in Tokyo.
Him are very interesting very cool.
Therefore I recommend him.
The representative music "this is a pen"

327 Exist Trace

Very beautiful music and girl.

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328 Moumoon

They are so cute, I love the sunshine girl.

V 1 Comment
329 Koji Tamaki

He and Miyuki Nakajima saved the Chinese pop music circle.

330 Silent Siren

Love their songs, all girls band

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331 Leo Ieiri

Her voice is powerful enough for the alteltes and audience to do their best!

332 AK-69
333 TPD
334 Chen
335 Cute
336 Keisuke Kuwata
337 Masaharu Fukuyama

His definitely one of the best singer and music producer in Japan, and he's one of the best actors too. He's definitely the symbol of Japan entertainment.

The top male singer and music producer in Japan and famous in the 2013 Cannes. He's definitely the symbol of Japan entertainment.

I will support him forever, because he is not only an idol star, but a capable singer.

He is very handsome and influence us a lot

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338 Yo Hitoto
339 Chage and Aska V 1 Comment
340 angela
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