Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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321 UchuSentai:Noiz
322 The Sketchbook
323 Yumi Matsutoya
324 Nona Reeves
325 Sadie
326 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
327 LM.C
328 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra V 1 Comment
329 TM Network
330 The New Classics
331 Ensoku

"ensoku"is indies band which moves into action in Tokyo.
Him are very interesting very cool.
Therefore I recommend him.
The representative music "this is a pen"

332 Exist Trace

Very beautiful music and girl.

V 1 Comment
333 Moumoon

They are so cute, I love the sunshine girl.

V 1 Comment
334 Koji Tamaki

He and Miyuki Nakajima saved the Chinese pop music circle.

335 Silent Siren

Love their songs, all girls band

V 3 Comments
336 Leo Ieiri

Her voice is powerful enough for the alteltes and audience to do their best!

337 AK-69
338 TPD
339 Chen
340 Cute

I like Suzuki Airi very much! - shenhoub

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