Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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381 Avelcain
382 UchuSentai:Noiz
383 The Sketchbook
384 Yumi Matsutoya
385 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
386 LM.C
387 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra V 1 Comment
388 Chen
389 Cute

I like Suzuki Airi very much! - shenhoub

390 Daichi Miura

He is number 1 of Japan! A dance is also the highest as well as a song. him -- except -- thinking -- not having

V 1 Comment
391 D Date
392 Takizawa Hideaki

Nice Singer and I love his voice so much!

393 Anna Tsuchiya V 1 Comment
394 DISH//
395 Johnny Western
396 Fuyumi Sakamoto
397 Ritsuko Okazaki
398 Naoki Maeda V 1 Comment
399 E-Girls V 2 Comments
400 Kiyoshi Hikawa

He has a good voice and sing both the Japanese traditional folk songs and ethnic pop "enka" very well. And also, he has a international handsome face^^ I like him very much and I believe that he can represent a country with both traditional and international spirits.

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