Rin and Len Kagamine


Rin and Len is my most favorite vocaloid. Thank to Rin and Len, I've known about vocaloid. They've lead me to vocaloid. I love their song very much. Both the mean and the sound. Beside, they're very cute. Such a cute twin. their song reach the bottom of my heart. No matter what happen, they will never stay apart. I think the producer should create more song, live show and treat them more better. Miku have a lot of version, like: sakura miku, snow miku,.. But not the Kagamine twins. I wonder why. It's not fair. I hope I can see more their live show and hear more their new song.

To me Kagamine Rin and Len are the best, their songs made me cried, made me laugh, made me understand the feelings when you're in love with someone. Rin and Len are like my best friends, I was doesn't care about the music before but since I knew Rin and Len I started interested in music and the more I listened their songs the more I love music and I love to sing along their songs. I hope Rin and Len can perform at the Olympic 2020, thanks to their songs I'm happy than the time before, my beloved friends.

I love songs that have stories. And every songs sung by the twins always reach my heart. I knew vocaloid from Miku but the twins were the ones that make me love vocaloid. I keep on listening to their songs every day. Love you so much Kagamine Rin/len

I hope to here Rin and Len sing at the Olympic 2020, together with Miku and many other Vocaloids and singers. It'll be fantastic and exciting if we can see them there. I'm looking forward to it.

What is there to say? They are breath-taking full stop. Mike shouldn't take all the attention!

I simply love Kagamine twins. They're my beloved and most favorite vocaloid. Rin and Len are the first vocaloid I've known. Their songs have lead me to vocaloid world. Until now, I've heard a lot of songs from a lot of singers and vocaloid. But, I still love Kagamine's songs the most. Their songs very actractive and touch. They're great. I hope I could hear more new songs from them. Also, I want the producers create more version of figure and nendoroid of them and organize more live show for them.

Rin and Len are the best in my heart. From now and then. I don't know why there have some people hates Rin or Len but I think that, there no one of them are not good enough to be hated, of course :)!

Kagamine is very cute, I thinks they Greater than Miku a lot

I really want Rin and Len will be perform at the Olympic 2020

Rin and Len are the best! People should vote for them. All Kagamine's songs are meaningful and touching to every person who listens to. They're the best! Please, I hope they can perform at 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremonies too!

Vocaloid is the best! Rin-chan is the best!

Because I've seen Miku for thousand times at many different concerts, but Rin Len is too... So in my opinion, rin Len is more suitable than Miku

I love vocaloid so much and I think Kagamine twins is the best. Their songs is moved to tears and I hope one day, I can see Kagamine twins sing. I hope they can perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies ^^/! (I don't good at English. If I have mistake, forgive me)

I like the cuteness of both of them and their songs always give me inspiration! I love them so much!

Their songs make me cried. Songs I loved most are Story of evil series, Soundless voice's album,...

We Love Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len

Kagamine twins are popular among a young man.

I love Kagamine Rin Len songs so much, their song are very great, some songs make me cry a lot. I'll always cheering for them.

Please remember the other Vocaloid, not own Miku, thank you!

They always give me goose bumps! Also, most of their songs overwhelms me that makes me cry.

Rin and Len are so great! They're cute and sing very well... I cried when listened to Story of Evil, Seasonal Feather... The songs of Rin and Len are overwhelming: Happy, sad, angry,... I love Kagamine Twins!

They are awesome even they're twins, lovers... Their voices are special

They are amazing their songs are touching, they have great voices and are so cute! They may not be real but who cares, they can sing, they can dance, and they have personalitys too! To me their real, besides they are the new age of music, they have a story together that should be heard. I love love love their music it actually has meaning in it unlike most singers who just sing for fame! They should sing for the 2020 Olympics

I love Rin and Len, they're very cute. I'm their fans

I like the voice of them and they look.