Scandal (Japan)


Very beautiful and talented girls. I love them so much & vocalist has amazing voice. They are powerful and people always have fun on their concert. I want to see them live on Olympics.

It will be epic if SCANDAL performed at the 2020 Olympics! SCANDAL is currently one of the most powerful kick ass Japanese all girl band. They rock every concert they have held and is one of the most promising band of the future. So I vote for SCANDAL

They are pretty great especially during live! (Even I myself didn't actually believe until I went to see their live for real! ) They really are great in live.

Another thing is that, they actually play different kinds of genre, not just rock although most of their songs are... But still I like the fact that they are quite versatile band.

Young, talented, GREAT passion in all fields definitely a good motivation for ALL athletes!

This Band is The Best Rock Girl Band of Asia! They have incredible live performance, energetic, attractive, talent, etc. assure that people can't take their eyes off them when they're on stage. No doubt that they "must" bave been voted for this!

They are the best. The still and I have never cheated for years. Definitely deserve to be on top of the world. The individual and group talent shows in every song. I'm from Argentina, including Japan and yet so far away they got me. Proved to be the best and will remain no doubt!

They play good music and sing and write good songs, they also have cute and beautiful and lovely face, their performance on stage and play guitar bass drums are so rock and so great, the four girls Rock band "SCANDAL"... Is four QUEENS on stage, can made people high.. Rock... And scream

Most powerful girl band! Can dance while playing instruments! So skilled!

They are beautiful, talented and they keep on getting better and better. I'm from Peru and I've been in love with their music (and the girls) since the first time I listened to them.
If the girls performed in the Olympics, I'm sure it would be a concert that the world will remember. The best girl band to represent Japan, SCANDAL!

Amazing band! Been listening to them for over 8 years already!

I'm from Mexico, and I think this amazing band is well known outside of Japan, I think that would benefit them, they also have a great track record and is within days of their 10th anniversary meet.

They are so awesome.. that can make my body shake with their songs

They're the best! No one can beat them! Well, at least in my and maybe all the fans' opinion!

They're awesome! They should be chosen and sing. Maybe so exciting!

They are awesome band! They are symbol of Japanese girls band!

It is a pleasure to see SCANDAL performing at the 2020 olympics.

My favorite band. They're always coming up with new stuff

Their performance is amazingly energetic! Must let them do the honour...

They are the best! Their songs make me happy even if I'm sad. I want many people to know about them!

Japan is much more than just idol groups! SCANDAL should be the top all girls band that can represent Japanese music other than idol stuff

This band is awesome. They have only good songs. Definitely is the best band ever

I think they are pretty and technical band player so they can perform!

Just magnificent. The amount of energy they put in their songs, all the styles they can sing/play. The best Japan girl bands has to offer for sure.

SCANDAL the best! This band is full of talented and awesome girls"! I love SCANDAL! ♥

SCANDAL is the most powerful girl band ever! Go SCANDAL!