Tohoshinki are the king of the stage. They always provide us with the best live performance with all efforts. As the most popular Korean singers in Japan, they are considered not only as K-POP stars but also J-POP stars. They have won a good reputation in both Japanese fans, stars, music reviewers and so on. As pop stars who have been performed for over 10 years, their will to be higher, stronger, faster is consistent with the Olympics. I strongly recommend them for performing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

The best foreign group in Japan without doubt. Their live performance is amazing and they have won so many artists prizes in Japan as well. Also, their songs ranked really high in the Oricon chart. Tohoshinki has always presented a clean image to the public.

Tohoshinki is absolutely the greatest, the most popular, and the most successful male group among other Korean groups in Japan. With over 12 million albums sold since 2004, Tohoshinki has become one of Asia's most successful music acts of their generation. They are often referred to as "Asia's Stars" and the "Kings of K-pop" for their immense success and contributions to Korean pop. According to the Oricon, Tohoshinki is the first foreign music act in history to have thirteen number-one singles in Japan. With their Japanese Time Tour, one of the highest-grossing concert tours of 2013, they became the first non-Japanese Asian artists to headline a nationwide five-dome tour. They were also the first foreign artists to perform at the Nissan Stadium. Billboard has described the group as "K-pop royalty".
And now, they are busy touring Japan, devoting their enthusiasm and passion to all Japanese. I am sure that no matter where you are, once you mention Tohoshinki, they may say "Yes". I ...more

As we all know, Tohoshinki has great live ability, the two members' performances always excite all the auidience. They have handsome apperance, beautiful voices, amazing dancing skills.. Also Tohoshinki has fans all over the world, especially in Japan. They are always be hardworking, never give up easily. Their high spirits will encourage the men who love them, and also give energy to the athilets. TO us, they are just like sunshine, warms all over the world. BEST STAR!

Tohoshinki is the greatest in my mind. Their songs will make all of you excited. And they have been in the stage for ten years. They have been my idol for almost 8 years. They taught me a lot about study and life. People around me are also like them. They said the two boys are very positive. Please choose them and they will give the people all around the world a wonderful and unforgettable performance!

Best group! Proud of them. They are the best in my heart. Much effort has been paid into their singer career. I think they two deserve the best. They are kings and they will hold hands and create a new history for fans.

Tohoshinki has been spreading their influence through their singing and dancing for more than a decade. During these years, they developed not only a huge Asian fanbase but made a great effort in revolutionizing a new music era. Tohoshinki is a rare Korean artist who stands out in the K-POP and maintain their popularity in Japan by fully engaging in J-POP. It will never be too humble to say that they are the King of the stage. Their ability to arouse people attention at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony can never be underestimated.

Tohoshinki is excellent singing group, its health sunshine image accord with the requirement of the Olympic Games, the combination of positive enterprising spirit is also consistent with the spirit of the Olympic Games. I hope can use, thank you

Their performance will really blow your mind. Their voice make you feel warm and love. They are the most iconic Korea male group in Japan. Their performance deserve to show up in the national occasion. Choose them you will never regret!

There is no doubt that Tohoshinki. Is the king of K-pop, but it is really unbelievable to see their success in Japan. They had paved a path for all Korean and even Asian artists. They will definitely bring everyone a fascinating show if they have the chance to perform.

Tohoshinki has devoted great contribution to Asian culture communication, they have the biggest fan-club which was recorded in Guinness. Besides, they are great musicians and their songs can inspire people. In 2005, Tohoshinki came to Japan as a fresh musical group, even they had already gained great honor in Korea and other countries. They worked hard and always keep the faith, spent nearly four years to become the super star in Japan. Their faith is very close to the spirit of Olympics, encourage people to hold on and never give up! What's more, as the great musical group, their performance is absolutely stunning, they can inspire us by singing from heart. All in all, we think Tohoshinki would be the best choice for Olympic stage.

Last year, they held a 2-day-last concert at Nissan stadium successfully. This prove that the have the ability and as well as popularity to perform Tokyo Olympics ceremony. Despite they are Korean, they had gained popularity through start their Japanese album since 2005. Also, inviting Korean star can show that Japan is an international country and accept different cultures. These can help Japan to build a possitive image.

TOHOSHINKI is the best group I have ever seen. I have been impressed by not only their perfect appearance, their attracting voice, and powerful dancing, but also their persistence and diligence they are showing to us. So I believe they are the king who can definitely hold the stage and spread the Olympic spirit.

Tohoshinki is not only an excellent Korean group but also the most popular foreign group in Japan with fluent Japanese and fantastic ability in dancing and singing. Moreover, as one of the most popular groups in Asia, Tohoshinki has amazing strong influence which is even bigger than some Japanese artists.

Tohoshinki is absolutely popular in Japan, even in the Asia and around the world. They are very young, but very diligent. As a bank, they try to deliver spirit that can encourage others in social by music. So, we definitely believe that they can show the Olympic spirit in the positive way.

We all like them. the fans learn many tings from them. The songs they sing and the dancing they dance are wonderful. After a long time they comeback they are more mature and perfect. We can obviously find the change they had. As we know the Tohoshiki is not only in Korea but also in the Asia is famous. I think they can stand for the Asia actors to take part in the Olympics. Of course there are so many fans in the world´╝îso them can attract the fans eyes to the Tokyo Olympics.

In the past 11 years, Tohoshiki was the best of best in my sunny years, they always keep their own faith and strive after their own dream. People always see them shinning on the stage, but can't image how hard they work behind. They are modest as what they are 11 years ago, always grateful to their fans. They teach me a lot and give me great courage to step in my ideal life way. They are not only just a pop star for me, but a drive to my life as well. Certainly, maybe they will go to the army someday. I will always keep waiting for them and trusting them as the king of KPOP untill they are back. I sincerely hope to see their perfomance on the top stage of the world in 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. We are T. They are return of KING. They are TVXQ! Thank you for giving me a chance to express my opinion.

They are the best. Tohoshinki is really an amazing group all over the world. Their awesome dance and wonderful song always make the best stage performance. I'll always be proud of them forever. Always Keep The Faith.

Tohoshinki is the best group in Korea, at the same time it's popular in Japan, too. And I believe there are many Japanese like this group. There are two members in it and they are handsome and creative, they are real men in my mind.

I think Tohoshinki is the best foreign group in Japan. Their live performance is amazing and they have won so many artists prizes in Japan as well. Also, their songs ranked really high in the Oricon chart. Tohoshinki has always presented a clean image to the public.

Actually I have nothing to say, Tohoshinki is the best idol I have ever seen. They are not only good at singing, but also at dancing. you know & Max are the king of the stage. I think, if they won't stand on the stage of olympic games, it must be a fault.

It is really a good group that I have ever met. And it is no doubt that they had created a Korean-style in Tokyo. They are not only best singer but also good dancer. They always modest whatever the prize they have got. I am really appericiate them and I am proud that I'm one of the fans of TVXQ.

Maybe someone doesn't like Korean Singers, but if you see Tohoshinki's performance once, I think you will forget what your think before. They're not just singing and dancing on the stage, they enjoy in it, and shows their real personality on it.

The combination of TVXQ, a decade, great predecessor, has always maintained a beginner's mind, for fans of love is to let people warm. The most important thing is the stage of their charm, believe that saw the scene of the person all know, in that beautiful red sea have much happiness. Even if people have never been to the scene, just watching the news can be excited for a long time. TVXQ has been so popular, because they are kind and aspirant.. Fans say, even if they as ordinary people also will be a good man!

A fantastic Korean group with great honor in Japan. All of the members are good-looking and with amazing live power which always excite the audiences. Their hard working and the faith of never give up encourages their fans may also encourage the athletics. Hope they can perform in the opening ceremony.