Yuya Matsushita


He must be the right man. His music is very very beautiful and cool, so I vote for him.

He is the best singer ever! His voice is perfect, so perfect that makes me wanna die! He have the voice of an Angel and the moves of a Devil, takes my breath! I love him! And I vote for him!

HIS VOICE! And his ambition as a singer, I respect him and I think by 2020, he would become even greater artist who will be known Japan-wide!

First of all, I like better, although Chinese with Japanese distance is very far away but I still won't give up! I will always support him! To support his music, no matter what support he made his decision and I will as in the past!

He's a great artist! And he really deserves to perform in the Olympics!

Yuya is so perfect for olympic singer!

It is simply divine! Only he and no one else!

Yuya-san is a soloist who makes music that irreplacable.. he's the right person to performing on this event, since he got so many talents in dancing and singing also fans all over the world, it wont be possible

Can't say anything, just : YUYA IS AMAZING Japanese SOLOIST AND ACTOR EVER :) Support him to perform in this big show!

His talent speaks for itself and he is a beautiful soul.

The voice! The dancing! The music! The spirit! We love him! :D - Aki

Just love him, he is cool, and his voice is beautiful.

Yuya has a huge international fanbase as well as having connections to international artists, more so than the average singer. He's incredibly talented and versitile and amazing live. Yuya always gives it his all when he is on stage!

His singing voice would give the impression a lot of people all over the world!

He is gorgeous & sexy even now and will be much better in 2020!

He makes me feel happy when I'm listening to his sings. He's always my choice!

Yuya is a best singer. I love him very much.

His music is very comfortable! His voice is beautiful! I love him!

Like his voice! He's a good singer!

I love his music. He has beautiful voice. He must be chose!

Yuya is a very outstanding musician and he has many fans around the world

He is a great performer, I would really love to see him on that stage.

There is none of the words can describe your voice but fantastic!

YAMA P has no problems communicating with foreigners, and he has many friends from other countries so he knows how to get along with foreigners. And he's so popular! If he attends The Olympic opening ceremony, I will watch it on time with my family and friends and pay more attention on it!

His performance is great! Loving!