Top 10 Music Artists You've Given a Chance and Still Hate

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1 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

When you viciously beat a famous woman in ways unspeakably horrifying, then turn around and makes songs like Deuces, Look At Me Now, and Loyal, you don't deserve any chances. - WonkeyDude98

It seems since 2011, I gave him a chance for ruining Look At Me Now but he made awful songs and I've given up just after Privacy. I've given him too many chances. - AlphaQ

He used to be good, but now his lyrics are awful. He has a decent voice, but sometimes he misuses it and his lyrics ruin the songs. He was good when he had other people writing his music for him, but since he started writing his own material the lyrical content has went way down in quality. - DaWyteNight

2 Jason Derulo Jason Derulo Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known by his stage name Jason Derulo (an alternate spelling of his surname), is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is best known for his singles such as "Wiggle", "Talk Dirty", "Trumpets", "Want To Want Me", "In My Head", and "Whatcha Say", all of which have more.

Would you really give Jason DeRulo a chance? Really? No. His voice alone should turn anyone off. - WonkeyDude98

I've gave him quite a few chance. He's alright at best but he can be horrendous at worst. Unfortunately for him, his bad songs outweighs his good ones. - AlphaQ

Mmm watcha say. Mm that you only rode solo while trumpets they go - SirSkeletorThe3rd

3 Kanye West Kanye West Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. After West's parents divorced, him and his single mother moved to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 10, West temporarily moved to Nanjing, China, because his mother was teaching more.

I've given this guy a chance. I've never been turned on by him, especially with negative exposure, such as I Am A God, Hold My Liquor, Bound 2, and his verse on Forever. I'm done giving him chances. - WonkeyDude98

First three albums were great. Fourth album was really different but still pretty good. Fifth album was horrible, and I don't know why people like it so much. From that album on, Kanye's never been the same. I guess being around a kartrashian made him loos all of his brain cells. - DaWyteNight

I've given him A LOT of chances. It worked and didn't at the same time. He's declined slightly in quality but unlike DeRulo, his good songs outweigh his bad songs. - AlphaQ

4 Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.

After BB talk...yeah. - SamuiNeko

I gave her 2 chances, after We Can't Stop and the other one just after 23. I eventually gave up after BB Talk and her Dead Pets which is MUCH worse than Bangerz. - AlphaQ

5 Drake Drake Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Drake is a decent artist. Just plagiarizes and is boring. Basically the good version of the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. - AlphaQ

Drake is a decent songwriter, but he just isn't good at rapping.

I've tried giving Drake a chance as an MC but it's never worked. He's just a bad rapper. - WonkeyDude98

6 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress . She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom, "Victorious". She later become a singer more.

I kind of have a guilty pleasure for her. She has a very good voice but she's using it wrong. But I hope that as she matures she will do great things. Plus she's a hottie. - IronSabbathPriest

I've given her a chance after Problem, it's my least favorite song of hers because of Iggy who sounded better than she usually does, Ariana was also good. Anyways, after Problem she remained good so yea...I disagree with this one. - AlphaQ

7 Nickelback Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

In my case it wasn't exactly 'giving a chance' because you 'give a chance' when many people like a band and recommend it to you. But I read many times Nickelback were dreadful and I got ready to hear "the worst of the worst". Well, it wasn't the worst of the worst. They aren't my cup of tea but I really liked one song - Burn It To The Ground. - Metal_Treasure

They're not that bad actually... - SamuiNeko

8 Usher Usher Usher Terry Raymond IV is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. Born in Dallas, but raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee was where he lived until moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 12 where his mother put him in local singing competitions all over the city.

Lol he's the good version of Chris Clown. - AlphaQ

Usher is awesome! - DaWyteNight

9 Madonna Madonna Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She influenced a lot of singers such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears . She is known as Queen of Pop and at modern pop culture specifically in 2012 "Madge" or MDNA . She has more.

She still thinks she's 24 but in reality, she's nearly 60. Madonna, you had only 1 song on your new album this year that hit the Billboard 100. A sign that you should retire instead of sucking the life of younger and fresher pop artists? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

She used to be a very good singer and now she is just... what happened? After 2000, she became horrible. - Swellow

She used to be good. but now... - AnonymousChick

Yes, everyone over 50 should be euthanized.
Run Logan, run!

10 Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996. The band consists of Chris Martin (lead vocalist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer and backing vocalist). Manager Phil Harvey is often considered an unofficial fifth member. The band renamed more.

They are overrated, but I still like their early stuff! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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11 Adele Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles more.

I gave her a chance after 21, an album I didn't really like and her weakest album yet. Guess what, she improved. - AlphaQ

I actually gave Adele a chance and she was actually pretty decent. - Swellow

Ugly, fat, can't sing, why is she getting all the attention...?

What... Lmao dumb hater list. Nearly all these artits are truly amazing and you know it. -1 me idc. - TheMainReason

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12 Tyga Tyga Tyga is a rapper that was born November 19, 1989. He was popular in 2012 and is best known for dating Kylie Jenner while she was still a minor.

Who'd wanna give this clown-pedophile hybrid a chance? Anyone? Yep, no one. Stimulated made me puke so much I could feel my intestines hanging from my belly which is small. - AlphaQ

13 Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members include Chester Bennington (vocals), Mike Shinoda (rapping vocals, pianist), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture more.

Like most people, I went through a phase where I loved Linkin Park. I like to think I've grown out of it now though. - IronSabbathPriest

Used to love Linkin Park but I don't like them at all anymore. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

A $HIT TON of chances have been given since Hybrid Peewee. I gave up after One More Light. - AlphaQ

They're good but they're not THAT good.

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14 Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria are an English metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire formed initially in 2008 by lead guitarist Ben Bruce along with former lead singer Danny Worsnop, bassist Joe Lancaster, keyboardist and synth player Ryan Binns, and current members drummer James Cassells and rhythm guitarist more.
15 One Direction One Direction One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) were a British-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records more.
16 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.
17 Beyonce Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.

Absolutely can't stand this babbling bimbo, and her fans make it even worse. - DaWyteNight

18 Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989 by frontman Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz, the group was originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids with their theatrical performances gathering a local cult following in the early 1990s. more.

Trent Reznor is way better than Marilyn Manson.

I've given him a chance. Turns out he's creepy and incredibly boring apart from some of the obnoxious voices. - AlphaQ

Definitely overrated by goth kids. He may be a smart guy and all, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a godawful singer. His former label mate Trent Reznor is way better at singing.

He's actually really good. - RalphBob

19 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".

I've given Rebecca Black a chance, I can safely say she's gotten better since Friday. Would I say she's great? NO. Is she good? Pretty much. - WonkeyDude98

I HAVE given her a chance. She turned out pretty decent. - AlphaQ

20 Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin is a American post-grunge/alternative metal band formed in 1998. The bands members all changed in the time between 2010 to 2014, with the exception of Ben Burnley (Vocals). The Ex-Members included Chad Szeliga (Drums), Aaron Fink (Guitar) and Mark Klepaspi (Bass). more.

I'm not into them but I don't hate them. I only hate when people think Breaking Benjamin are metal and put them on metal lists. They aren't metal, trust me. - Metal_Treasure

What have they done to make anyone hate them? - bobbythebrony

Breaking Benjamin is the rock version of Taylor Swift garbage in general. - Jeffery0206

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