Top Ten Music Directors In Malyalam

The Top Ten

1 Raveendran

Man who excelled in creating classical-based songs, but virtually nothing in background score.

What's the doubt! Raveendran is the greatest, not just in malayalam but in the world!

2 Johnson

King Of Melodies and Background scores, Nothing more to add, because he has proved his abilities in Western type songs, Classical songs, devotional songs etc...

He is one of the versatile genius among these... No more addings... He is living through his immortal compositionz...

V 3 Comments
3 Baburaj
4 G. Devarajan

Excellent and Evergreen melodies, immense talent to compose for Lyrics, thereby keeping its meaning to preserve.

5 K. Raghavan
6 M. G. Radhakrishnan
7 Ouseppachan
8 Devi Sri Prasad

He gives the best music.i love his music. He is energy transformer. Of course he is the best music director in tollywood

9 M. Jayachandran
10 Mohan Sithara

The Contenders

11 Shyam

He is the best music director in malayalam his songs are heart touchable melody

12 Deepak Dev

He is certainly one of the best in malayalam industry

13 Gopi Sunder V 2 Comments
14 Shaan Rahman
15 Bijibal V 1 Comment
16 Rex Vijayan

Rex Vijayan is an amazing music director.

17 Perumbavoor G Raveendranath
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