Top Ten Malayalam Music Directors

The Top Ten
1 Johnson

King Of Melodies and Background scores, Nothing more to add, because he has proved his abilities in Western type songs, Classical songs, devotional songs etc...

He is one of the versatile genius among these... No more addings... He is living through his immortal compositionz...

No one can replace this mastero. All his songs are personal favorites for malayalis

Only one Hollywood standard composer from Malyalam

2 Raveendran

Man who excelled in creating classical-based songs, but virtually nothing in background score.

What's the doubt! Raveendran is the greatest, not just in malayalam but in the world!

Raveendran Master is the king of malayalam music industry and it's a well-known fact...

His compositions are great not only in malayalam but in the world

3 Shaan Rahman

Best after these legends. Shaan is giving more and more hits to the industry. Praying for making so many hits

The tunes of him that made the whole world to dance, the song:manpaatha is really motivating.The talented music director in malayalam now.

Such a bombastic music director

Mind blowing

4 Baburaj

One of the legends in malayalam music composition along with Devarajan.

The best ever

5 G. Devarajan

Excellent and Evergreen melodies, immense talent to compose for Lyrics, thereby keeping its meaning to preserve.

I consider him as the number 1 music director in malayalam.

6 Gopi Sunder

The music he done in ennu ninte moideen is so beautiful

he is extraordinary

7 Vidyasagar

Vidhyasagar is an amazing music director in malayalam film industry. He is not a Keralite .But he gives very many hits for malayalees

He is the no 1 composer in malayalam industry

Vidya Gi deserves to be at number 2

Vidyasagar is the best.. He is best known for his superhit songs in malayalam some of them are, Azhakiya ravanan, Indraprastham, Summer in bethlahem, Devadoothan,Dreams, Dosth, Pranayavarnangal, Usthad etc Between the year of 1996 to 2005 he was the #1music director of malayalam

8 Deepak Dev

He is certainly one of the best in malayalam industry

He is a good music director and more than that a good human with lots of humanity and appreciable characters

9 Devi Sri Prasad

He gives the best music.I love his music. He is energy transformer. Of course he is the best music director in tollywood

10 M. G. Radhakrishnan

Best music director EVER! 11

The Contenders
11 Ouseppachan

True legend, 1985 - till this date.. What a career..
Deserves a space in top 5..

"Very beautiful songs.Variety of music mixing in each song.A real genius with equal to Johnson Master".

Sherin Paul

12 M. Jayachandran

He is the best music director in South India. He may be the only one indian musician who can stand with AR Rahman. His compositions are not just tunes but its emotions and feelings. His talent can be seen in the movies,
1. Ennu ninte moideen
2. Perumazhakkalam
3. Odiyan
4. Koode
5. Aami
6. Cellulloid
7. Benaras
8. Swapna Sanchari
9. Kamboji
10. Madambi
And so on.

13 K. Raghavan
14 Shyam

He is the best music director in malayalam his songs are heart touchable melody

15 Mohan Sithara

My opinion mohan sithara is best

Mohan sithara is the best

16 Rex Vijayan

Rex Vijayan is an amazing music director.

17 Bijibal
18 Perumbavoor G Raveendranath
19 Afzal Yusuff

One of the most prolific music directors of today's Malayalam and Tamil film industry.

20 Balabhaskar
21 Raju
22 Berny-Ignatius

We cannot able to avoid these two brothers... The songs composed by these two brothers are super hit at all time

23 Sushin Shyam
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