Top 10 Music Facts

Here are some facts about music that you people probably didn't know.

The Top Ten

1 The Navy SEAL who Shot Osama Bin Laden claimed to Have Worn a Demon Hunter Patch on His Mission
2 The World's Smallest Guitar is Smaller than a Speck Of Dust

If it's true, then there must be a lot of serious work put on there to make it. - Kiteretsunu

3 A Study Found that Dairy Cows may Produce More Milk while listening to Classical Music
4 Monaco's National Orchestra is Bigger than Their Army Is

Wow that must be pretty helpful... - Ananya

5 Lose Yourself by Eminem is the First Rap Song to Win an Oscar
6 Termites Eat Wood Two Times Faster while Listening to Heavy Metal
7 Like Humans, Birds can Learn Music while They Are Still in the Egg Stage
8 The Last Thing Elvis Ate was Ice Cream and Cookies
9 The Longest Recorded Piece of Music is by a Band called Bull of Heaven. The Playtime of the Song, The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space, is Over 2 Moths Long
10 Justin Bieber is the 5th Most Hated Man in America

This isn't a joke. This is for real this time. Go look it up.

The Contenders

11 Before Composing a Piece of Music, Beethoven used to Dip His Head in Cold Water
12 A Lock of Elvis Presley's Hair sold for $115, 120
13 The Best Selling Album of All Time is Michael Jackson's Thriller with an Estimated 51 to 65 Million Copies Sold
14 There is a Myth that Marilyn Manson played Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years
15 Mozart was only 5 Years Old when he Wrote his First Piece of Music
16 Some Musicians with Amnesia can still Remember how to Play Music
17 Musicians Performed a High Frequency Rock Concert in Australia that Only Dogs Could Hear
18 Spider Silk has Been Used to make Violin Strings
19 Music was Happier back then. a 2012 AV Club Study found that Tunes are Getting More Depressing -The Number of Minor Chords in Pop Songs has Nearly Doubled in the Last 50 Years
20 After analyzing Billboard Archives, Researchers found that Songs about Love Stay on the Charts for an Average of 9.4 Weeks. Hits that don't Involve Love last 11.4 Weeks
21 Flyting is a Form of Rap Battling dating back to the Dark Ages. One Theory suggests that Scottish Slave Owners Spread the Practice to America, where it Became Rap
22 Johnny Cash's Hurt is a Cover of Nine Inch Nails's Hurt
23 The iPod's Name was Inspired by This Line from the Classic Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL"
24 A Group of Musicians in China makes Instruments out of Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Other Vegetables
25 Mozart's Middle Name was not Amadeus. His Full Name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart
26 Travis Meeks, Lead Singer of Days of the New, has Asperger's Syndrome (A Form of High Functioning Autism)
27 Composer John Williams Won an Oscar for the Star Wars Soundtrack which was also Chosen by the American Film Institute as the Greatest Film Score of All Time
28 The Child on the Front Cover of U2's Album, Boy, is actually Peter Rowan. A Nephew of a Friend of the Band
29 The Only Guy in the Band, ZZ Top, that Does Not Have a Beard is Frank Beard
30 David Fincher Directed the Music Video to Only by Nine Inch Nails
31 There Is an Energy Drink Named After Marilyn Manson's Sixth Studio Album, Eat Me, Drink Me
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