Top Ten Best Music Genre Combinations

There are plenty of music genres, but some go really well together. Let's take a look at some. And most of the items have classical music in there because it goes with just about everything.

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1 Classical and Metal

Yes! This is awesome - symphonic metal exists and I love it. Can't get enough of Blind Guardian's 2015 album!
Actually every metal subgenre goes well with classical - thrash, prog, death, black, power metal...
It's because metal music is based on classical. You didn't know that? No problem, now you know. - Metal_Treasure

Classical is metal before electricity. - maverick88

I'm not interested in Black Metal but for some reason I like Symphonic Black Metal - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Symphonic metal, neoclassical metal, power metal etc. - zxm

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2 Classical and Rock
3 Rock and Electronic

There are a good amount of industrial bands and bands of other genres that mix rock and metal and are good at it.

I have only two words: DEPECHE MODE. - IronSabbathPriest

Oops. I voted on my own list accidentally. :/ - RiverClanRocks

1 Word : Radiohead - 12cc

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4 Classical and Electronic

I've always thought of how this would work.

5 Classical and Dubstep

Like what Lindsay Stirling does? I love her music! - Pegasister12

6 Rap and Rock

This is usually horrible, (see: Linkin Park, limp bizkit) but I love me some Rage Against the Machine! - Brobusky

Forget about Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, listen to Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine to know good rap rock - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

In the End by Linkin Park my 6th favourite Song. - PatrickStar3

Thousand Foot Krutch is the best! - LarkwingFlight

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7 Folk and Metal

Folk Metal already exists.

Ensiferum! - Brobusky

8 Pop and Electronic

Most pop music has electronic influences, but unfortunately, the pop artists abuse electronic most of the time. - RiverClanRocks

9 Rap and Electronic

If the rap part is executed well, and doesn't take up a majority of the song, it can work. - RiverClanRocks

10 Jazz and Electronic

I was introduced to this by our very own P.Wildhawk. It's really rather good. - Britgirl

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11 Industrial and Rock
12 Trance and Progressive House
13 Pop and Metal

Ah! This makes me want to scream! How do you combine opposites? Recipe for disaster. - Metal2003

14 Metal and Jazz


15 Heavy Metal and Techno
16 Jazz and Rock
17 Hard Rock and Alternative Rock
18 Country and Rock
19 Hard Rock and Folk Rock
20 Hard Rock and Indie Rock
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1. Classical and Metal
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