Top Ten Music Genres in 2017


The Top Ten

1 Rock Rock Rock music is a music genre that was created in the 1950s . The genre really got popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s . It generally consists of a guitar player, a drummer, bass player and singer . There are a lot of rock subgenres .

Especially Alternative rock. - zxm

2 Metal

Yeah Gods of Violence and The Grinding Wheel are the best albums of this year so far - christangrant

3 Reggae Reggae
4 Country
5 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.
6 Rap

Waiting on Kendrick to drop his new album this year. His new track was fire! - cjWriter1997

7 Hip-Hop Hip-Hop
8 Pop
9 Dubstep

Dubstep is a genre that is NOT that easy to hate but I only know 4 people who like dubstep. A person said dubstep is like rock. In 2012, I think that was its special year. In dubstep, the beats first sound like a sweat pop sound but after, its sound like a person is swinging a light saver and the pitch gets high then low. I CAN NOT EVEN believe THAT DUBSTEP IS EVEN ON! Dubstep is the best genre that I ever heard.

Yes! - Merggy

Not much lyrics helps you focus better and doesn’t talk about drugs or killing or any bad things

10 Alternative Rock Alternative Rock

The Contenders

11 Folk
12 Electro

Just listen to Combichrist and you'll know why it's da BOMB!

13 Indie
14 Nightcore
15 Hard Rock Hard Rock Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music known for having heavier guitar riffs/solos. It originated around 1964-1965 with various Garage Rock bands.
16 Blues Rock Blues Rock
17 Cyber Hip Hop

The new conscious genre of hip hop/electronica that that Adam started in Germany. There hasn't been any original authentic and real counterculture in German music for long. - Martin_Canine

18 Emo
19 Drumstep
20 Drum & Bass
21 Glitch Hop
22 Electronic Dance Music
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