Music Genres that Don't Exist

Music genres that are debatable if they're a genre or not, or some that are just generally questionable.

The Top Ten

1 Butt Rock

Terrible Post-Grunge/Nu-Metal

Generally used to mock Post- Grunge and Glam Metal, but does not exist by itself alone.

Obviously not a music genre. - Metal_Treasure

2 Dad Rock

I hate the term "Dad Rock" because it's just too subjective. - Gg2000

Kind of similar to the annoying Butt Rock term, but reserved for classic rock bands.

Actually the stuff called dadrock (Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Smoke on the Water) is very similar if this not-so-kind word is used correctly (excluding Pink Floyd). - Alkadikce

3 Christian Metal

Not a music genre - Christian Metal bands play existing metal subgenres (thrash, death, power metal,...) but with Christian lyrics. It's just a group of bands with that particular lyrical theme. Musically, a Christian Power Metal band plays the same music a regular Power Metal band plays. Music is the same so Christian Metal isn't a music genre. - Metal_Treasure

This never was a music genre at all, and if I'm being honest metal bands singing about Christian lyrics doesn't make a new genre exist.

It doesn't exist because metal is satanic(This is just a joke) - DarkBoi-X

4 Pop Metal

Pretty sure this is just Glam Metal. - DarkBoi-X

This is pretty obvious but yeah... this is not a actual music genre.

5 Christian Rock

Also debatable if it's a real music genre or not.

Not a music genre. Why? - see my comment on Christian Metal. - Metal_Treasure

6 Pornogrind

Heard about this one, at first I thought it was a genre but now I kind of doubt it.

Not a music genre - just particular lyrics. You can't create a new music genre based only on specific lyrics. Music is based on notes, lyrics - on words. - Metal_Treasure

This exists.

A niche subgenre is still a subgenre. - Satire

7 Nightcore

Speeding up a pitch of a copyrighted song, is not original and doesn't create a genre in my book.

I mean, it sounds ok, but it’s still pointless

This has been a genre since the early 2000s.

Speeding up a very specific genre of music is the exact same style as slowing down and chopping and screwing a very specific genre of music in Vaporwave, a genre that has been generally agreed on as being valid.

Stop. - Satire

Vaporwave exists; Nightcore does not. Vaporwave is creative (if you disagree, look at bl00dwave, luxury elite, or death's dynamic shroud.wmv, and that's just sampled work. Get away from sampled vaporwave and creativity explodes); Nightcore is just speeding up a song.

8 Country Rap

Heard it a few times, but honestly "Country Rap" is Bro- County... and it's debatable if "Country Rap" counts as its own music genre.

This genre exists oh dear god why is it on here

It's been around since 1998 with Kid Rock and Bubba Sparxxx this is a simple Google search that's easy to fix - Satire

No, it is not.

Country rap and Bro-Country are given distinct differences on Wikipedia. Lyrical content, production style, and performances by artists are different in both genres. - Satire

10 Horror Punk

I just don't see it as its own genre because other than the fact it has horror lyrics, the musical style is still punk and is just generally questionable to me.

The Contenders

11 Mall Metal

Hardcore Adult Contemporary? That's an oxymoron. - Satire

12 Wizard Rock
13 Punk Metal

This is more like an umbrella term. Like how Extreme Metal is also an umbrella term. - MegadethFan07

14 Heavy Rock

I've seen it used a few times online, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue as much as Hard Rock or Heavy Metal does.

15 Country Metal

The closest thing I can think to this is a few Primus songs like "Winona's Big Brown Beaver". - phillysports

The closet metal subgenre to country metal would probably be folk metal. - MegadethFan07

16 Viking Metal
17 Pirate Metal
18 War Metal
19 Pagan Metal
20 Aliencore
21 Djent
22 Speed Metal

Honestly it's more of an outdated term originally used for certain heavy, thrash, and occasionally power metal bands back in the day - yungstirjoey666

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