Top Ten Music Genres to Listen to on a Sunny Summer Day

Inspired by the list by Metal_Treasure about the songs to listen to in Summer 2017.

The Top Ten

1 Latin Latin
2 Eurodance Eurodance
3 Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Rock music is a music genre that was created in the 1950s . The genre really got popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s . It generally consists of a guitar player, a drummer, bass player and singer . There are a lot of rock subgenres .
4 Schlager Schlager

A German genre rooted in the French chanson, later in the American swing, and got more and more pop and dance oriented over the years.
The genre is characterized by easily digestible and clean lyrics, simple sing-along melodies, positive feelings and compositions mostly in minor.
The genre is among the best selling in German speaking countries. Schlager albums by famous artists were certified up to ten times platinum and the genre has been around for decades and attracts people of all target groups, genders and ages (if you look into the audience of schlager concerts, you'll see teen boys next to elderly couples), however many people are embarassed to admit they like the genre. Schlager is often looked down upon for whatever reason. But I think it is just right for sunny summer days, even if it's not among my favorite genres.
And also: Andrea Berg is a good schlager singer-songwriter who also has a bit more emotive songs. - Martin_Canine

5 Blues Blues

There is something so magical and ethereal about a Blues vocalist / guitar and / or harmonica being played / performed and listened to in the open air, especially on warm, sunny days. There is just such a strong and overwhelming sense of freedom. There really is nothing quite like it. - Britgirl

6 Pop Pop
7 Southern Rock Southern Rock

Great for driving to on a gorgeously warm sunny day. - Britgirl

8 Reggae Reggae
9 Jazz Jazz
10 Zydeco Zydeco

The Contenders

11 Pop Rock Pop Rock
12 Country Rock Country Rock
13 Hi-NRG Hi-NRG
14 Soul Soul
15 Dancehall Dancehall
16 Funk Funk
17 Classical Classical
18 Happy Hardcore Happy Hardcore
19 Disco
20 Bubblegum Dance Bubblegum Dance
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