Top 10 Music Genres Metalheads Listened to Before Metal

Nobody starts with metal very early in life unless your parents are metal fans. Everyone listens to something else before metal. Metal music is a choice people usually make after the age of 10.

Tell us where you were before metal.

The Top Ten

1 Hard Rock Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music known for having heavier guitar riffs/solos. It originated around 1964-1965 with various Garage Rock bands.

Hard rock is like the simple version of heavy metal. Many metalheads tried hard rock before. - yungstirjoey666

Before metal, I was listening to Nightwish, Skillet, and Luciano Pavrotti. That was when I was nine. Metal bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden came up in my suggested videos on YouTube. - WheresMyGuitarPick

I first listened to bands like AC/DC and Motley Crue before I listened to Metallicas Seek & Destroy which was rhe first Metal song I have heard from Memory - christangrant

This is me. I guess my transition to metal was easier compared to some other metal fans who listened to genres that are far from metal. I listened to Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Whitesnake, to name a few.
I was lucky because I had no restrictions, no pressure from other people. I was free to choose my favorite music - rock and then metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Classic Rock

I listened to Dire Straits, Foreigner, The Rolling Stones (these are only some of the bands). - Metal_Treasure

3 Pop Rock

If Bryan Adams is pop rock, then - yes. I still like him. - Metal_Treasure

4 Pop
5 Rap

A quote by ryanrimmel - Toptenner and metalhead:
"So I was into the really bad rap/pop garbage that was played on the radio up until I was about 10. That year, AC/DC came out with "Black Ice" and as a celebration, Sirius XM radio made an AC/DC only station. My dad would listen to it in the car, and I was hooked on AC/DC. Few weeks later, I discovered Black Sabbath and became obsessed with them, and as a result of listening to so much Sabbath, I discovered Ozzy's solo career as well as Dio and Rainbow." (post "How I Became Addicted to Metal Music.") - Metal_Treasure

6 Alternative Rock Alternative rock is a style of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular in the 1990s. In this instance, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music.

Visitor: "Since I've heard all of the songs by Linkin Park, I wanted to try out on newer bands. Even though I loved this band, it seemed like it's time to try listening to something new. This gave me two options: a similarly-sounding or lighter Taking Back Sunday, or a more aggressive Metallica? During those days, since I wanted to get relieved with stress in school and that I easily got pissed at my classmates in group projects, I chose heavier and more aggressive music, so of course, now you knew my choice, then what song got me into them? It's the overrated "Enter Sandman". - Metal_Treasure

I quoted this visitor comment from another list - it described very well the transition to metal. - Metal_Treasure

7 Country

This is true I used to listen to country music but I don't anymore because its just Pop songs with Words like Beer Redneck Trucks Tractors thrown In. - christangrant

8 Progressive Rock Progressive rock is a broad genre of rock music that developed in the United Kingdom and United States throughout the mid to late 1960s.
9 Folk / Ethnic Music

It can bring fans to folk metal - yungstirjoey666

10 Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s.

The Contenders

11 Classical

I'm surprised this is so low considering how much of an impact classical had on metal music.

12 Electronic

I listened to electronic and electronic was my all-time favorite genre before metal. Both of them are my favorite genres ever. The song that got me into metal was Master of Puppets. It was also the first metal song I've heard that I knew was metal (I love a lot of Trans-Siberian songs, but I didn't know they were metal). I was never so impressed of a song on the first listen! - PhoenixAura81

13 Punk Punk rock is a subgenre of rock music. It usually has rebellious lyrics and down stroked power chords played on guitars. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, and Green Day (actually pop-punk, which is still punk in a way) are a few punk rock bands. The subgenre influenced thrash metal because of it's down stroked more.
14 Post-Grunge

I think inhave heard some post grunge songs because I looked around and found some Creed and Nickelback albums - christangrant

15 Blues Rock Blues rock is a fusion genre combining elements of blues and rock. It is mostly an electric ensemble-style music with instrumentation similar to electric blues and rock: electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, often with Hammond organ.
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