Top 10 Music Genres that Seem Similar that are Completely Different

These music genres might seem similar, but they have enough differences to make them different.
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1 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

I think this one is too obvious.

Yes, hard rock and heavy metal is completely different. Hard Rock = slow+power, heavy metal = fast+power. - zxm

By the way, my "simplistic definitions".

fast - means strumming the strings as fast as possible. you could strum your guitar with both holding the pick loose or firmly. if you try to strum all the six strings with holding the pick very firmly and very fast, you'll end up breaking the strings

power - means how much pressure you give when strumming. means, how much firmly you hold the pick

fact: you can only strum two or three strings very fast by holding the pick very firmly.

So, that's my explanation of simplistic definitions. like it or not. it's the fact. watch some guitar tabs if you think I am wrong.

if you don't wanna, then watch this video "Heavy Metal Rhythms thrash fast picking guitar lesson rhythm playing with drum machine and tabs". say, I am wrong. - zxm

2 Punk Rock and Metal

Both are different genres. But people often confuse two of these genres. - zxm

There are 2 useful youtube videos by Charlie Parra del Riego: Punk vs Metal, Punk VS Metal 2.
Watch his hands - different strumming (right hand) and speed of his left hand. It's also obvious that metal and metal riffs are more melodic and harder to play.
Punk is supposed to be simple, metal is supposed to be complex. Punk songs tend to be short, metal songs - long.
Many people confuse punk with metal because both are aggressive, fast, loud and heavy. But there are many differences in the details. It’s annoying when people call some bands 'metal' just because they hear aggressive, fast and loud guitars but these are punk guitars and not metal guitars. A mix of punk, rap and hard rock isn't metal, no matter how heavy this mix sounds to you. - Metal_Treasure

3 Black Metal and Death Metal

I can see why someone might think their similar but Black Metal's just trying to embody a metal stereotype and Death Metal is just trying to be a much more violent version of Metal.

Yes, both are quite similar genres (inspiration), but black metal is faster than death metal. While death metal is more brutal than black metal. - zxm

4 Metalcore and Deathcore

This one's self explanatory.

5 Punk Rock and Thrash Metal

Trash Metal is usually faster.

6 Screamo and Emo

Both are punk sub genres but screamo vocals generally aren't clean and emo vocals are generally much more whiny and angry.

7 Soft Rock and Symphonic Metal

The both might be soft but Symphonic Metal usually has more notes.

They don't sound similar to me. - Metal_Treasure

These two genres doesn't seem like similar to me. - zxm

Hey they aren't similar at all - Ananya

8 Rap Metal and Nu Metal

Granted they might be similar but they aren't the same thing.

9 Pop Punk and Glam Rock
10 Electronic and Dubstep

Both are electrionic music but one's slightly more advanced.

The Contenders
11 Jazz and Progressive Rock

No they ain't similar - PanagosBoi17

One influenced the other. That's how you to tell the difference. - cjWriter1997

12 Funk and Blues

Funk focuses more on bass guitar. Blues focuses more on electric guitar. Slap bass got famous/created from funk. And prominent guitar licks were created from blues music. Plus, blues sounds more sad, funk sounds more happy. - zxm

Both guitars have rhythm but Blues is generally slower and Funk's slightly faster.

13 Soul and Reggae

They might seem similar but their different.

14 Ska and Reggae
15 Pop and Dance

Yeah - Ilovestephanie

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