Top Ten Music Genres That Shouldn't Even Be Considered Music


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21 Bro Country

This is already on here.. IT'S THE SAME AS MODERN COUNTRY - -ddlovesyou-

22 Trap Music

There are some great trap songs out there that are meaningful and melodic. You just have to dig deeper and look past the mainstream, like with any other genre.

It's a mix of trash and crap!

Get this to #1 - CommanderLudwig

23 Nightcore

Jesus Christ this should be #1.

24 Modern Black Metal
25 Rape Metal

I guess this isn't a genre, maybe it's just a group of bands from different metal subgenres focusing on certain lyrical themes.
Never heard of this genre before (if it's a genre). - Metal_Treasure

Rape rock is a thing, though this is not real. - Lucretia

I think someone misspelled this "rape". - zxm

You mean rap metal? Rap metal is actually great in my opinion! Listen to Rage Against The Machine, they're rap metal and make great, meaningful songs. Rape metal bands must love and support rape (if this genre even exists).

26 National Socialist Black Metal

It's not a music genre, it's just black metal with specific lyrics.

And we can't say it's not music based on its lyrics because it's already another type of art - literature, or "poetry" if you wish. - Metal_Treasure

27 Pure Satanic Black Metal

This isn't a genre. - ryanrimmel

Now what is pure satanic black metal? - zxm

28 Danger Music

This literally isn't music. It's some kind of post-modern avant-garde performance art. And by that I mean it's absolute garbage. You thought black metal was just some guy screaming? How about watching a guy on stage literally just scream with no rhythm or melody and knock stuff over.

Tf is that?

29 Moombahton
30 Extratone
31 Punk Rock Punk Rock Punk rock is a subgenre of rock music. It usually has rebellious lyrics and down stroked power chords played on guitars. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, and Green Day (actually pop-punk, which is still punk in a way) are a few punk rock bands. The subgenre influenced thrash metal because of it's down stroked more.

What Why Is Punk Rock Here? - FettiMC

Punk was very influential towards other genres. Even metal. Punk rock doesn't mean swearing in songs. - zxm

Why Is Punk Rock Here? - FettiMC

32 Nu-Metal

It's awful - some music genres just don't mix.
But it's still music because it's not only some unstructured noise. - Metal_Treasure

Disagree completely. Nu-metal is very interesting and full of genre-mashing. It's a great genre. - AngryByrd

Some genres just don't mix, don't go together. Nu metal is the worst musical idea ever. And rap metal, too. - Metal_Treasure

33 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.

I'm surprised that no one has bashed the person who put this here yet. Music doesn't have to be beautiful to be music, and sometimes it is. Listen to the more melodic bands, Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Ghost, etc. - Caleb9000

These are pretty much great genres. The only genres that can't be considered as music are happy or sad metal, (I saw recently). - zxm

Metal is not beautiful! It has howled vocals, and a distorted guitar, all the ugly music instruments. It should not be music!

So ugly! Listening to metal is useless! Black Sabbath is the worst band out of music of all time. Just hate it. I hate Ac/DC too.

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34 Rap Metal
35 Classic Rock

Some say it's a standard form of rock music, some say classic rock are famous old rock songs. Like Smoke On the Water. Which is hard rock but also considered as a classic rock song. - zxm

I don't think it's a genre. Its just songs which are classic. - zxm

Classic Rock is more likely a term. - malamJONES

Uhh, this is the greatest genre of music

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36 Polka
37 Post Hardcore
38 Viking Metal

This shouldn't be called music cause it's not an actual genre. It's just heavy metal with viking themed lyrics. You're literally making a genre out of a lyrical theme. - Aragorn98

39 Pirate Metal
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