Top Ten Music Genres That Teens Like

i only want people ages 12-21 voting on here please!

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21 Skate Punk

One of my favorite music genres

22 Folk Rock

Subway to Sally isn't folk rock. They're folk metal. But still pretty good.

One awesome band is "Subway to Sally"

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23 Pop Punk

Pop punk, punk and skate punk is the same. Blink 182 is the best band ever but guys in my school don't know who the hell blink 182 is, which sucks. They don't even try to listen but just consider it bad because it's not popular. Pop is popular nowadays, everyone listen to it because it's just popular. But I have listened to almost every genre and I like metal, rock all those sort of genres.

WHAT THE HELL? I can't believe that this wasn't even on the list! Pop Punk is aimed at and appeals more to teens than most genres here!

Pop without a little complex formations sucks! Sometimes, people ask: "Who the hell Green Day & Blink 182 are? " Stupid people are never gonna recognize legends, the godfathers of Pop-Punk...

While the only good pop punk band is green day :I - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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24 Acoustic
25 Gothic Metal

This wasnt even on the list yet. Not cool, this genre gave us many great bands, some bad ones, but many great.

26 Indie

Why is indie down here I know loooads of people that like indie

27 Pop Rock
28 Blues Blues

Are you nuts?! Teens are not even close to blues... Blues is a profound genre that our parents and also people who are listening to good music love it. I really love blues and I'm a teen but I tall you you wont ever find a teen who is the biggest fan. - poisonforever

I like the blues and I'm 14. I even know Robert Johnson and the fact that Rock was influenced by blues! - MusicalPony

You can't get anything with more feeling and soul than this kind of music. It's Great.

I don't think so. Most teenagers don't listen to blues. Even if they do, its mostly blues rock. - zxm

Love blues. Founder of Rock N' Roll.

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29 Hardcore Punk
30 Techno

Needs to be higher. Why is so many teens like this borefest of a genre. At least country music feels like music. - truespongebobfan

@truespongebobfan, Modern country music sucks, Old country is real country. Also teens don't listen to techno, they listen to dubstep, complextro, big room, like that.

31 Classical

Classical music is the most underrated kind of music in the youths' world.

Most teenagers don't seem to understand the meaning of classical music. They think it's boring and complex for there's nothing to indicate what the composition is about except for the title, which sometimes also represent far too little information on what the piece is about.

But that is the beauty of it. Each person after listening to a classical piece will form their own opinions and thoughts about the music. Such of an example is whenever I listen to Moonlight Sonata 1st movement, my mood reaches sky high.

Another problem is that the kids that like classical music are regarded by their peers as trying to sound cool or being boring. How I hate those mindless idiots. They should learn to respect others.

I hope whoever reads this will give a vote for classical genre.

I'm 18. I'm heavy into music, all kinds, but classical works of great beauty and meaning are number one with me. After listening to everything, I've come to agree with the late Maestro Andres Segovia, that "the only real music, is beautiful music". I have come to feel that most of the other genres are mostly crap created from other crap from the past. Rap has been popular, but is not real music. It's just an artform that came out of prison culture / ghetto poverty and the lack of being able to actually sing. Kanye West says it's the rock of the future, but I think rap is dying, simply because more teens are smarter and more sensitive to real, great music these days. But, as always, crap minds will listen to... Crap. no matter what time in space. Not rocket science. The most intelligent and awesome people I know are into like Ralph Vaughn Williams, JS Bach, Debussy, and similar profound works of real music. The only other genre I have respect for is someone truly unique.. Like Burt ...more

It should be higher on this list. Many school academies have music teachers who are listening to classical music and opera. Most of students play classical instruments instead of electric guitars and other instruments that the teens who love metal are playing. The Same thing when you listening classical and heavy metal, most metal groups often hire additional players who play (cello,violin etc. for example) to mix with classical production to make an epic song or instrumentals. Today nobody is listening to classical music anymore cause of pop music attracts young teens or kids to be brainwashed and become more stupid that will ruin their behaviour completely because they think is good music genre, but it's not at all.

No. - PanagosBoi

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32 J-pop

J-pop is very diverse, which can range from the really cute & sugary to weird, wild, fun, sexy, edgy, etc. styles. I personally like k-pop more, but j-pop is amazing as well, too. Some really good artists include Arashi, Ayumi Hamasaki, E-girls, Generations, AKB48, Morning Musume, Perfume, EXILE, etc. Go check J-pop out, and you won't regret it ;).

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33 Jazz Jazz

I mainly like that jazz is played with real instruments over synthesizers, but I also love the feeling and soul that artists like John Coltrane and Bill Evans put into their work.

You don't have to read music sometimes and Jazz made other genres with advanced techniques

How can this be so low.

34 Schlager

Am I the only one that listens to this genre

Nothing is better than listening to some good ol' German tunes from the '70s and having no one in high school with the same taste.

35 Hardstyle

Best music genre out there, fills you up with emotion & it's just so full of energy. Everyone should give hardstyle a chance, it could change their life just how it changed mine.

The best type of music, the buildups are amazing, and when that raw kick starts pumping it just takes over control

Best music there is. No doubts

You know... this is the only genre that can lift you up at any moment. coone,ran-d,headhunterz,psyko punkz...there are too many. survival of the fittest and love for the game are my favourites by coone...and defqon 1 is just amazing and just mot to mention its anthems.

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36 Indie Folk
37 Disco

Disco dancing is the only dancing style that looks cool. There's nothing any sexier than a good looking lady disco dancing with a partner who also knows how to dance.

Dubstep and disco are such awesome genres of music.

38 Celtic Metal
39 Gospel
40 Neo-classical Metal Neo-classical Metal Neoclassical metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that is heavily influenced by classical music and usually features very technical playing, consisting of elements borrowed from both classical and speed metal music.
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