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Rock music is a music genre that was created in the 1950s . The genre really got popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s . It generally consists of a guitar player, a drummer, bass player and singer . There are a lot of rock subgenres .


The Beatles, Cold Chisel, Crowded House, Oasis, The Killers and many other brilliant bands are all from the rock genre and I've been listening to the legends above since I was a little kid and every Aussie could sing along to a Cold Chisel song and you can walk into any room and start singing Hello goodbye and I guarantee someone else will join in. You can't say that about any other Genre.

I like all kinds of music, ranging from punk pop to emo to classical, but most of my musical tastes revolve around different forms of rock. Hard rock, alternative rock, classic rock, etc. Rock is real music, and I can't see how so many people just brush by it for Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. I guess people have their own tastes, but god, who doesn't like Queen?

Actually I'm one of about 20 kids in my highschool of 3000 that listens to rock. I personally love classic rock the most. I started around 6th grade when I fell in love with rock music. Although I can't seem to listen to the newer rock or metal/screamo. It just doesn't feel like music. Rock teaches you to appreciate all music but everybody still has those few genres that just aren't for them. To be honest I listen to classic rock, jazz, blues, country, Rap, and R&B the most. Most kids gladly accept my music choice and unlike some of the other appreciators of rock I am the only one that is a actually seen as popular. My favorite band is creedence clearwater revival.

It is AWSOME! Of course that is why I picked this as my vote! I don't know people would vote for Hip Hop of Blues or any other kind of music. I could see why people would pick metal. That is really good too! Oh Ya baby!

I have my mom, who introduced me to alternative rock, and my dad, who introduced me to hard rock and heavy metal, to thank for making me who I am today. I hated the music all my friends listened to. Everyday in school I would have to put up with some moron blasting a song with a whiny rapper just saying the same lines over and over again.

I listen to rock music. It encompasses many sub-genres and has something for almost anyone. I find that I tend to like it better because I feel the songs actually say something. Rock has helped me get through depression, but at the same time I can listen and enjoy it when I'm feeling good.

I grew up listening to AC/DC and KISS. Now I listen to Three Days Grace, Alice in Chains and Nirvana. I'm not going to hate on all the other genres, even if I think that some are better than others. Everybody's got their own niche. Let them have it.

Actually 90% of kids at my school listen to pop. I listen to mostly rock. Kiss, Misfits, Offspring, Green Day, Linkin Park, are constantly on my playlist and I'm 13. I wasn't even raised around rock.

It's bands like lynyrd skynyrd, zeppelin, stones, Hendrix, etc that are that should be on the "top 40" that people listen to these days, I hate my generation

I hope by metal I hope they mean bands like Metallica and Sabbath not crappy bands that scream into your ear about how they like killing people and cutting things up

I honestly think this is the best genre ever! I can listen to rock all the time and never gets old! I just wish more people can make rock music because it seems nowadays everyone is copying others and claiming they know real music and are wannabes and be the same it gets old! That's why I prefer to listen to rock over the rest of these genres

I love rock the most because it's expressive and so flixible. It's mind blowing to see artists create music with new riffs, unique drum beats, and a powerful voice to push it all together. Creating rock music requires real skill and practice, and what they churn out is beautiful. My taste is all over the place. Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, AC/DC, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Van Halen, Queen, Slipknot, Aerosmith, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Green Day, Hollywood Undead, and even Nirvana sometimes. Just that combination of guitars, drums, basses, and an incredible voice is real and beautiful to me, and nothing will ever change that.

Pink Floyd, led zeppelin, eagles... Every song they wrote had a meaning... And I fear some artists have forgotten that music is a connection from themselves to you.

I listen to rock 90% of the time. Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, KISS, but I guess motley crue and Metallica are metal. But yeah rock shaped the 70s-now. Rock will never die out.

I am pretty sure 99% of teens today like whatever is the most popular song out there, which is usually a crappy rock or pop song. That is definitely not me.

I personally love rock, along with most of my friends. Most people in my grade on the other hand are not like us. While quite a few teens like rock, similarly to me, most do not. - PianoQueen

A few teens do like rock. I have quite a few friends who like rock, then again that might be why! Most don't, and prefer pop, but a small percentage of teens do enjoy rock. - PianoQueen

My basic musical preference is rock. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Aerosmitha and Jimi Hendrix are all absolutely amazing. (Yes, I'm aware of the fact that Jimi's music was rock and electric blues but I felt it was appropriate to place him in this category).

Actually I don't hate other genre of music, I still like blues, hip hop rap, pop, metal, screamo, metal music... I love rock music because why member of band can play instruments and becomes one song. And I love jump haha :D that rock music can make me jump and swing my hand left to right...

Amazing, friend introduced it to me and I haven't regretted it since. Never going back to the pop, country, hip hop, and all the rest of those songs.

I wish all the teens like rock. Too much pop and rap fans. And some of them hate rock and metal ): - Userguy44

I just like that old time rock and roll

I'm so happy that rock is 1 and not that rap or hip hop garbage! Faith in teenagers has not been lost! (completely)

I am a teenager myself and I love rock music but there are only 3 other people in my year group that like rock - most like pop

I'm happy that I'm not the only teen who listens to rock and metal music. Everyone in my school listens to pop and rap music.