Top 10 Music Genres Best at Their Decades

This is a list of music genres at their height in decades .

The Top Ten

1 1980s - Metal

King of metal decade - zxm

Metallica,Iron Maiden,Slayer,Megadeath - zxm

2 1970s - Rock

Legendary decade of rock music. - zxm

Led Zeppelin,Queen,Pink Floyd,Deep Purple etc. - zxm

3 1960s - Rock

Father of rock decade - zxm

Beatles,Rolling Stones,Cream,Jimi Hendrix Experience - zxm

4 1950s - Rock N' Roll

Grandfather of rock n roll decade - zxm

Elvis Presley,Chuck Berry,Johnny Cash - zxm

5 1950s - Blues

Leader of blues decade - zxm

6 2000s - Pop

Don't need to say here. Everybody knows - zxm

King/queen of pop decade - zxm

Yeah! - TheFourthWorld

7 1990s - Grunge

It's too bad grunge is dead...

8 1940s - Jazz

Commander of jazz decade - zxm

9 1970s - Hard Rock
10 1970s - Disco

The Contenders

11 2010s - Rap

I can definitely respect others opinions but NO JUST NO. The 90s were the best here.

Emperor of rap decade - zxm

Same as pop - zxm

12 1990s - Metal

Grunge almost killed metal in the 90s because grunge was the music of the 90s - Metal_Treasure

Warrior of metal genre - zxm

Metallica,Megadeth,Death - zxm

Grunge was taking over in the 90s, but there was a little band called PANTERA...………….

13 1980s - Glam Rock
14 1990s - Hip-Hop

I cannot believe no one has mentioned this yet. The 90s were pretty much the golden age of hip-hop.

15 2010s - EDM

It was HUGE from 2012-2016 - Aha223

16 1970s - Metal

Father of metal genre - zxm

Black Sabbath,Judas Priest,Deep Purple etc - zxm

17 2010s - Pop

no its not - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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