Top Ten Music Genres Which Make You Think of a Specific Colour

I don't know whether it's just me (maybe it IS) but whenever I think of different music genres, a certain colour will always pop into my mind. Even if you've never thought about it before (until now) what colour would you associate with specific music genres?

The Top Ten

1 Blues (yellow) Blues (yellow)

No, not blue. I think yellow because it uplifts me and makes me happy. Whenever I hear it, I always imagine outdoors in the sunshine. - Britgirl

2 Pop (pale blue)

Reminds me of pink! - lovefrombadlands

Yes, it does - EliHbk

3 Folk (green)

Wow, this is actually very true for me. It might have to do with some of the Celtic influences, but Folk just feels like a Green genre, if that makes sense. - cjWriter1997

Don't know about you but I think of brown and orange when I hear folk. - NikBrusk

Same for me. - zxm

4 Metal (black)
5 Rap (red)
6 Classical (dark blue)
7 Punk (red-brown)
8 Opera (grey)
9 Classical (white)
10 Rock (blood red)

The Contenders

11 Jazz (dark red)

I think of dark red too, with a hint of gold. - Britgirl

12 Electronic (purple)
13 Metalcore (dark grey)

Does to me, mostly because of kse album covers - EliHbk

14 Alternative (Maroon)

I think so at least...also I like Maroon 5. - lovefrombadlands

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