Top Ten Music Genres with Annoying Fanbases


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1 Metal

Not metal, Poser Metal, Classical Inspired, Too Bluesy, Poppy, HEAVY. Narrow minded people.

Prepare yourself for metal-heads.

Metal fans and pop fans are both annoying I'm not prasing pop fans or metal fans so please don't get mad at me - RoseCandyMusic

Most metalheads are rude

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2 Pop
3 Rock Rock Rock music is a music genre that was created in the 1950s . The genre really got popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s . It generally consists of a guitar player, a drummer, bass player and singer . There are a lot of rock subgenres .
4 Grunge Grunge Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock and a subculture that emerged during the mid-1980s .
5 Kpop

The armies for sure - RoseCandyMusic

6 Rap
7 Electronic Electronic

Yo, we're probably the most chill fanbase ever... - styLIShT

Exactly what styLIShT said.We are very chill.Especially compared to the Heavy Metal fanbase and K-pop fanbase.We may be large but we're like the most chill fanbase ever.Rap fans are also chill.-LitSavage

8 Jpop
9 Classical Classical

The fanbase isn't annoying, except for the 1% of old farts that literally hate any music produced after 1980. - styLIShT

10 Hip-Hop Hip-Hop

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11 Country
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