Best Music in the Little Big Planet Series

Do you think LBP has AWSOME music, well, so do I. And man, are they catchy!

The Top Ten

1 The End is Nigh (Pirates of the Caribbean Kit)

Yep. People use it everywhere. Shark survivals, Bomb survivals, And just, EVERYWHERE! Its an great ROCK TUNE! YEAH! THUMBS UP! - puglover2008

2 Tea by the Sea

And Great song used everywhere Little Big Planet 1-3. You get it in Mm music pack 1 ( There's no second pack ): ) And use it all the time. - puglover2008

3 What are You Waiting For? What are You Waiting For? Cover Art

Awesome SONG. SO CATCHY. can't STOP HUMMING IT. that's ALL I NEED TO SAY. :D - puglover2008

4 Yell Dead Call (Metal Gear Solid Kit)

Another song used everywhere. It's so catchy and well, All the metal gear solid songs are Great but the this the best! - puglover2008

5 Whoever Brings the Night Whoever Brings the Night Cover Art

Used for 3 different boss battles in little big planet 2 story. yeah, that's how great it is. - puglover2008

6 Krabby Patty (SpongeBob SquarePants Level Pack)
7 Get It Together Get It Together Cover Art
8 My Patch
9 Muppets Theme (Muppets Kit)
10 Crime Scene

The Contenders

11 Interactive Gardens


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