Top Ten Best Music Production Apps for Android


The Top Ten

1 Groove Machine Mobile

Another product by Image-Line and its pretty solid too. - Paree

2 FL Studio Mobile

It's the best. Easy to use compared to PC version. - Paree

3 Drum Pad Machine

It's a Drum Pad app with lots of presets allowing you to perform live, It has a recorder, A mini step sequencer for creating beats etc. And has great graphics. Probably the best Drum Pads available for android. - Paree

4 G-Stomper Studio

I've used the rhythm station app and its pretty solid. - Paree

5 Walk Band

It's a great app with loads of instruments that can be downloaded from playstore. It features Drum Machine, Drum Pads, Multitrack recording of virtual instruments with metronome. And its free. - Paree

6 Single Cell Software Caustic

Forgot to add this one.Sorry guys.Should be #2 - Paree

7 Magix Music Maker Jam

It's a pretty good app but offers limited features for free (example: only 4 styles) - Paree

8 Drum Pads 24

Its also a Drum Pad app but does not have a step sequencer. Pretty great for live performing and recording. - Paree

9 Dubstep Drum Pads 24
10 Drum Pads by Dark Blood Studios

Different Drum Pads are available like Dubstep, Rock, Synthetic, Elecro, Hip Hop etc. - Paree

The Contenders

11 Oscilab Step Sequencer
12 Beat Maker Go
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