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1 Old Music or New Music?

I like old music in general, and if we're talking about what is or was in the mainstream, I'd still say old music. The majority of new music on the radio doesn't really appeal to me.

As long as it's enjoyable to listen to, when it was made doesn't matter at all. Though a lot of today's pop music is downright awful in my opinion, if you look beyond the Top 40 you'll find that lots of beautiful music has still been coming out in recent years (for example tunes by Wintergatan and Skylab 3 - if I listed every talented musician active today in this comment it would be almost endless! )

Depends on how "old" we're talking about. Anything before the '50s is too primitive (except Sinatra and Dean Martin.) Anything after the early 2000s lacks meaning and versatility.

Honestly, some newer music can be good, but older music is better. However, I don't like most pop nowadays, it sounds too slow, boring, and I hate the fact that house became mainstream. But modern punk is still good. Older music had more creativity and was more upbeat.

2 2000s or 2010s?

2000's had a lot more better music, and the high peak of Blink-182 and Angels And Airwaves, as well as Green Day. At least rock was still recognized in these times, all we get nowadays is bad rap songs.

Mainstream-wise, 2000s. Early 2010s mainstream was good, but I didn't really like the majority of mainstream songs released after 2016.

2000s. It was the height of the emo trinity. 2006 had Panic at the disco's I write SIns not Tradgedies, and My chemcial romance's black parade

Depends. For pop it's 2010s and for rap it's 2000s. It's a tie.

3 Rock or Metal?

Rock music. The only metal bands that I am currently a fan of are Black Sabbath and Metallica. That doesn’t mean I’m against other metal bands.

I enjoy both, but honestly I prefer something in the middle. Like hard rock or heavy alternative rock. I guess if I was forced to pick between the two it would be rock.

Metal is that tiny division of rock, which spans too many subgenres to be classed as one. I'd go for classic rock.

I think I like rock better than metal. I do not know, but I just think rock appeals to me more than metal.

4 Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?

Elvis. Michael Jackson was talented, but a creep behind the scenes. Elvis lived a short but relatively clean life. Michael Jackson also started looking creepy in the 2000s.

I know there're a lot of Michael Jackson fans on TheTopTens, but I'd go with Elvis. I like Jackson, but Elvis is the king and will always be. He's just outstanding.

Michael Jackson definitely with his songs like you rock my world, beat it, thriller, smooth criminal are amazing songs

Honestly, I hate this question so much because I absolutely love both of them. But I'd have to go with Michael Jackson.

5 The Beatles or Led Zeppelin?

I hate them both, but The Beatles are better, because Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven, the WORST Song ever, and also the most overrated.

Led Zeppelin wins in my opinion. John Bonham's drumming is unmatchable, and Robert Plant's vocals are just so jazzy it's outstanding.

The Beatles. For some reason, I'm not as into Led Zeppelin as everybody else seems to be. But, The Beatles will ALWAYS be #1 in my book

The Beatles. I don't know why, but I don't like Led Zeppelin as much as other bands. But they are still great.

6 Classical or Jazz?

Classical. Classical music makes me relaxed and makes me think. It's really good music to listen to when you need to calm down or think about things

Probably classical, since I play Cello. But it wins by a inch. I love Jazz too, it reminds me of Back to the Future!

Before, I would say jazz because I was kinda sick of always hearing classical music.
Now, I would say classical. I's more melodic

Classical wins it. Who can beat people like Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. They are undefeated.

7 AC/DC or KISS?




8 Pink Floyd or Eagles?

I change my mind, Pink Floyd is outstanding. They blew my mind after I listened to The Trial. Here's a story now! I watched a video called, "Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time" and Pink Floyd was number four while Queen was number three. I never really listened to Pink Floyd at the time. Then I scrolled to the comments, and one guy said, "If you switched four and three around, I'd be satisfied. Otherwise, good list! " Being the butthurt jerk I was back then, I DESPISED Pink Floyd. Calling them and their fans, "Overrated" and "Picky". I then listened to more and more of their music and began to appreciate their fans. Now, they are easily one of my favorite bands of all time. Rock on Pink Floyd, rock on.

In my humble opinion, too close to call. Diverse but brilliant artists who I love but my preference varies with mood, setting, etc

Pink Floyd win easily. Although I like The Eagles as well.

Depends on where you are. In the UK, Pink Floyd wins, but in the USA, the Eagles are ahead by a mile.

9 5 Seconds of Summer or One Direction?

5SOS now I hate Shes Kinda Hot but Looks So Perfect is great and meanwhile I hate 1D except Drag Me Down and Zayn's new music is bad so I want 1D back.

I don't like either but I guess 5Sos despite how much I dislike that band at least they aren't as bad as One Direction.

My friend like 5sos so ill just choose that.

5 Seconds of Summer, even though I don't like either.

10 Queen or Journey?

Queen. No questions asked. I like Journey, but I ADORE Queen. Queen is my favorite band EVER. Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite Queen song. Long live the legendary Queen!

Queen because they have some of the most Iconic songs. Journeys good but the only iconic song I can think of is "Don't Stop Believing."

This is actually hard for me. I like queen and journey both, but queen has made more definitive songs, so I'm gonna say them.

Journey. All people seem to remember about Queen is Freddie Mercury. I also like more songs by Journey than Queen.

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11 Deadmau5 or Skrillex?

Why you people are thumbs downing my comment! Wheres the talent people! All they do is mess with computers and other electronic crap!

Skrillex but only cause I haven't listen to Deadmau5. I don't really listen to techno.Mainly cause it really only uses computers and stuff like that,which sound like if your tech saavy you can easliy make a songs.

Deadmau5 is, always was and will always be 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 times better than Skrillex for many reasons and in many ways

I don't like electronic computers but deadmau5 has some good songs

12 Linkin Park or Green Day?

Green Day for the win! I honestly never really heard a Linkin Park song so I have to go with Green Day. I love Basket Case and Bang Bang. I am new to Green Day, but so far, this is the best band I have heard.

I can't chose. They are both amazing in their own and they both make great music. Billie Joe Armstrong and Chester Bennington are amazing singers

Green Day by far cause I enjoy their music more and I find their music to have more value then Linkin Park just my opinion.

Other than American idiot, Linkin Park wins not because I'm a fan of them I just think they have the better songs.

13 Metal or Electronic?

Hard one.

I've recently started listening to Metal and I love it. Although I would choose Electronic music because I listened to it for a long, long time and I love way too many songs in that genre.

For me, it's both. Electronic music is great to hear in video games where it works. Also there are bands I like that combine electronics and metal and it works well. Bands like Illidiance, Crossbreed, and Sybreed for example.

Metal even thought I'm not a huge fan of the genre I would rather listen to that then Electronic.

Metal.Requires way more talent to make and cause if done right,Metal songs are greater than any other genre's songs besides maybe Rock.

14 *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
15 Black Sabbath or Deep Purple?

Deep Purple, although they are both amazing. It’s just Deep Purple is more proggy

16 Beat It or Billie Jean?

Billie Jean tells one of the most interesting stories in pop music, so I'm going with it.

Not that I like Michael Jackson, but Beat It.

Beat it.

beat it

17 80's Metallica or Post-80's Metallica?

This is very hard, but it just has to be both.

May sound funny. But 90s Metallica.

18 6IX9INE or Cardi B?
19 Auto-Tune or Real Vocals?

Real vocals. I'm fine with mild autotune at most, but when the autotune gets overused, it really suppresses the singer's talent.

Auto-Tune. At least the people have enough sense to cover their voice when they know it's bad. Every single time I listen to real vocals it sounds like they need a glass of water. BADLY.

Hey if their voice is horrible I'm gonna listen to auto tune not terrible real vocals which could be bad

Real vocals. Use too much auto-tune, and you obviously have no talent. Just my opinion.

20 Alessia Cara or Daya?


21 2000s Teen Pop or 2010s Teen Pop?

Both of them. I love them so much! Boy bands for life!

2010s is less cheesy, so I'll go with that one.

2010 cause I like 2013 the best

Both are trash.

22 Bon Jovi or Justin Bieber?

Bon Jovi. When Jon was Justin Bieber's age, he had way more girls fawning over him. Jon Bon Jovi also scolded Justin Bieber for being a jerk to his fans. And between the band and Jon, they had 16 hits by 1990, and once 2000 came around, they had 29 hits. Justin Bieber just isn't a loyal guy to his fans, and he has two extremes- pretty boy and absolute jerk- Bon Jovi, whether you're referring to the band or Jon, actually care about their fans. Jon also feeds the homeless.

Bon Jovi. They have fans. Actual fans, and real music at the least. I don't even know if Justin Bieber has any of these two. But Bon Jovi has a lot of advantages over Justin Bieber. Not to mention that Justin is talentless.

Justin Bieber is the coolest singer.what do you think about him? His voice is as like John Lennon.He plays better guitar than Jimmy Page.Plays better bass than geddy lee.Beats better drum than neil peart.Plays better keyboard than John Lord

Bon Jovi. I don't know their music but they are a respectable rock band that my friend likes.

23 Does Green Day suck?

Are you serious? Green Day doesn't suck! Their one of my favorite punk bands next to Paramore and I don't listen to much Punk music.

What? Heck no, Green Day is awesome! Thanks to them, I love punk rock.

Nah. Green Day's pretty good in my opinion

Hell no, they are awesome

24 Nirvana or Foo Fighters?

Nirvana Is Something That Is Very Special And I Don't Think Any Band Can Bring Me That Happiness Like Nirvana.The Only I Can Think That Can Come Close Is The Jimi Hendrix Experience And The Foo Fighters.I Gonna Go With Nirvana But F.F Is An Amazing Band.

Nirvana all the way! My 6th favorite band of all time! But I also love Dave Grohl's decision to be in the Foo Fighters after Nirvana. That makes me happy and it seems like he won't ever give up! Give em' hell Grohl!

Nirvana. I love In Utero. One of the greatest songs of all time is Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Nirvana. In Utero is one of the greatest albums of all time

25 Halsey or Melanie Martinez?

Halsey is the best singer ever. Did you ever realize that Melanie Martinez's songs...all sound the same? Also, everyone is judging my favorite person in the world on ONE song that she was FEATURED in. Listen to Control, Colors, Not Afraid Anymore, Haunting, Coming Down, Bad At Love, and Sorry. Then come back and say that Melanie is better. Without lying.

Melanie Martinez. Halsey doesn't bring anything new to the table. Martinez does, though I don't really care about either. - djpenquin999

Melanie. Halsey's song CLoser is just pitiful, while MM has songs about plastic surgery, being crazy, and kidnapping. - AnonymousChick

Halsey. Fight me - ProPanda

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