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1 The Rains of Castamere (Jackie Evancho)

Haunting and beautiful. Jackie hits all the right notes with this one

Excellent work and an excellent singer. - BobG

Great video with beautiful cutout-style animation. Very artistic.

Shadow puppetry is used beautifully to support Jackie's haunting singing!

2 Think Of Me (Jackie Evancho)

After listening to and watching her video; you will always think of Jackie Evancho. WOW!

Big finish standing on a rock in the ocean. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. - BobG

3 Can't Remember to Forget You (Shakira)
4 Partition (Beyoncé)
5 Addicted to You (Avicii)
6 Go Time (Jackie Evancho)

Just plain fun with an infectious beat! Look for it!

A fun pop music video done for Justice Girls Clothing. Find it on Jackie's official YouTube channel.

7 #selfie (The Chainsmokers)

Bad song. Good video.

8 Fancy (Iggy Azalea)

Love the song and the clueless idea was awesome the corigraphy was fantastic!

9 Ave Maria (Jacqueline Marie Evancho)

PBS special from longwood gardens on YouTube. Miss Evancho's third PBS special

10 Not Giving Up (The Saturdays)

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11 Midnight Memories (One Direction)

It was so amazing and I love One Direction

12 Dark Horse (Katy Perry)
13 Human (Christina Perri)

She saying that we are human and two of us FireLove were bff and good influential people to each other - Empire

14 Chandelier (Sia)

I love her vocal.

Sia is the best.

15 Over The Rainbow (Jackie Evancho)

Song writers hall of fame presentation. Towering song award (2014). Jacqueline performed only 42 sec on the video, however 42 sec of pure perfection. Also made award presentation.

When the Songwriter's Hall of Fame formally inducted this song last year, they chose Jackie Evancho to sing it for the ceremony.

16 Empire (Shakira)
17 Flawless (Beyonce)
18 No Mediocre (T.I.)
19 Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj)
20 Spike In My Veins (Korn)
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1. Think Of Me (Jackie Evancho)
2. Ave Maria (Jacqueline Marie Evancho)
3. Go Time (Jackie Evancho)
1. Chandelier (Sia)
2. Partition (Beyoncé)
3. Flawless (Beyonce)
1. Can't Remember to Forget You (Shakira)
2. Addicted to You (Avicii)
3. Partition (Beyoncé)



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