Best Music Videos Directed by David Fincher


The Top Ten

1 Express Yourself - Madonna

Fincher and Madonna were inspired by 'Metropolis' and this is great! The video is brilliant! - Alexandr

2 Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith

One of their best videos plus young & beautiful Alicia Silverstone in it! Just WOW - Alexandr

3 Vogue - Madonna

Who dooesn't like this iconic video? - Alexandr

4 Cold Hearted - Paula Abdul

Yep, another fantastic video! - Alexandr

5 Freedom '90 - George Michael

Video-masterpiece from 1990! Fincher is genius - Alexandr

6 Love Is Strong - The Rolling Stones

They should have done more videos together. Definitely! - Alexandr

7 Bad Girl - Madonna

Best Madonna music videos were directed by David Fincher. This one is an underrated jam! - Alexandr

8 Straight Up - Paula Abdul

One of Abdul's biggest hits. Great choreograhy & directing - Alexandr

9 Who Is It - Michael Jackson

Fincher directed only one video for the King of Pop. Too bad, I'd love to see more. WII is a phenomenal video with intriguing story - Alexandr

10 Cradle of Love - Billy Idol

Just awesome as usual. - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul
12 (It's Just) The Way That You Love Me - Paula Abdul
13 Oh Father - Madonna
14 Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz
15 Roll With It - Steve Winwood
16 She's a Mystery to Me - Roy Orbison
17 6th Avenue Heartache - The Wallflowers
18 Only - Nine Inch Nails
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