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221 Sublime - Santeria

RIP Lou dog and Bradley. They are dearly missed. Sublime lives on

222 Playful Excuse - Disaster
223 Savin' Me - Nickelback

Very Emotional. Unlike other videos on the list, THIS ONE HAS A STORY. Just watch at it and see for yourself. Good directing. Creative Concept. - Castiel

I wanted to vote another video, but savin' me shouldn't be on 94.

If I could see how long people lived,  that would be awesome. one of the best songs ever!

224 Slipknot - Snuff
225 TVXQ - Mirotic
226 Eminem - Without Me

Genuinly one of the most ingeniously witty music vidoes ever put together... Besides its Eminem.. The lyrical superiority is evitable. This deseres a better place on the list

227 Coldplay - The Scientist

Chris had to memorize the lyrics BACKWARDS! I MEAN COME ON! It's an EPIC EPIC video

The first time you watch this it's 'ok a video in reverse' it's been done. There's a bit of a sting in the tail to this one and worth watching over.

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228 Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

This song and ESPECIALLY the video needs more attention. - Mcgillacuddy

229 Lady Gaga - Poker Face
230 Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
231 Adele - Chasing Pavements
232 JYJ - In Heaven
233 Christina Aguilera - Fighter

As if the song wouldn�'t be strong enough, the video gives you the "I am a FIGHTER" feeling!

234 Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
235 White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl
236 Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
237 Tamer Hosny - Allah Yebarekly Feek
238 D'erlanger - XXX For You
239 B'z - Love Phantom
240 System of a Down - B.Y.O.B.
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