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1 Would you rather listen to your least favorite genre for 24 hours or never listen to your favorite genre for 6 months?

Least favorite genre. A full day (with no rest) of that music would put me in a worse mood than I've ever been in before, but going without my favorite for half a year is just too much to ask. - Songsta41

Least favorite genre. I can dig up something good. - AnonymousChick

I mean, I like songs from all genres, and rock is something I listen to sparingly, so the latter. - WonkeyDude98

24 hours = entire night. No sleep.
I can live with listening to Pop instead rather than my Video Game tunes n stuff. I'll live with it. - mattstat716

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2 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber for 24 hours or Nicki Minaj for 24 hours?

If the song is on a radio and I'm using sound-blocking headphones that can't play music, I'd choose Justin. - AnonymousChick

Nicki her older stuff showed promise it's just what she chose to do that made her career so horrible - samanime

I'd actually rather listen to Justin Bieber. - Britgirl

Justin bieber for sure

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3 Would you rather be a famous singer or be able to bring your favorite singer back to life?

If you can't sing well you don't deserve the fame( like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and so on). So I'd rather bring my favourite singer( Michael Jackson) back to life.

My favorite singer is alive, so I'd be famous and sing meaningful songs without autotune. - AnonymousChick

My favorite singer is still alive. Should I answer this question?

I would happily being Jim Morrison back to life

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4 Would you rather be famous because you're great at singing but you don't look pretty/handsome or be famous because you look pretty/handsome but you're bad at singing?

Be famous for my singing voice but not looks. Who the heck cares whether or not I look good? The singing voice and personality is what matters. - NikBrusk

The former, obviously. I wish though, because my voice is completely confined to my lowest register and I can barely sing with my diaphragm, leaving my throat to all the work with some of the crackiest, scratchiest, most nasal you've ever heard. - WonkeyDude98

I'd rather have the most angelic and beautiful singing voice and keep my plain looks. - Britgirl

Good singing, how much hate Paris Hilton gets? - PeachyBlast

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5 Would you rather run around while jumping and headbanging like crazy in front of public or twerk in front of public?

Get crazy until I go to the hospital.

I'd twerk. I'd only gave to do it for a few seconds before people ran away. - Britgirl

I would run, jump and headbang like crazy. I know it's embarassing, but if you twerk in public you might get sent to the mental hospital - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I completely agree. At least if you headbang you don't shove any private parts in anyone's faces. - NikBrusk

Craze. I don't wanna twerk. - NexusUnterganger639

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6 Would you rather join an amazing but very underrated band or join a bad but very famous band?

Amazing and underrated, like The Mars Volta or A Perfect Circle. - NikBrusk

The amazing band.And I wouldn't like to be very famous,I'd rather be just a bit famous. - Elina

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7 Would you rather be a Belieber or a Nicki Minaj fan?

Honestly a Nicki fan. While Bieber has some unheard of great songs (such as Maria), Nicki has mire, so I would justify her better. Plus she's less hated. - WonkeyDude98

Hard choice. Justin Bieber makes better stuff now but still sucks, while Nicki made better stuff before which were actually good.

Anyway, Nicki fans are better so yeah I think it's better than being a Belieber. Not to mention that Nicki is at least better as a person.

I'd be a Nicki Minaj fan, Nicki fans are more sane than Beliebers in my opinion - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I'm not sure, probably Nicki, because Nicki fans make sense. - Catacorn

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8 Would you rather eat a raw worm/slug/snail or never listen to music for 1 year?

I read a book on how to eat fried worms so this would be easy fir ne. - Britgirl

I have eaten a fried worm. It's not that bad. Just add some salt and some seasoning - Beckc

You know what, I'm taking the former. *gag* - WonkeyDude98

I suppose I could try eating a worm. - PeachyBlast

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9 Would you rather jump from the top of a 12 feet tree or listen to Baby from Justin Bieber for 1 hour every day?

Would I have to jump from the tree every day? Because if the tree is a one time thing or an every day thing, I'm choosing the tree. Nobody ever said if there is water underneath or if I can stack pillows. - AnonymousChick

How the hell would I even get in this situation - StainedGlassEyes

Tree. It doesn't say I can't use a mattress to break my fall. - NikBrusk

Tree+pillows=fun - Beckc

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10 Would you rather like a genre everyone hates or hate a genre everyone likes?

Both I guess? I love metal and rock, I hate pop - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

That is me too. I love Metal, which is hated in my school, and hate pop, which is liked in my school. - NikBrusk

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11 Would you rather hear your favorite artist sing your least favorite song or your least favorite artists sing your favorite song

I guess I'd rather hear my favorite artist sing my least favorite song. He might make my least favorite song sound better, but it would be a little funny (imagine James Hetfield singing Baby by Justin Bieber LOL) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I'd be fine with Dream Theater covering Hitler Was a Sensitive Man, because they could somehow put a positive spin on it. But having Anal C*** or Justin Bieber sing Octavarium would just be awful. - Songsta41

Death metal covers of Baby turn out to be better, so I think I'd make my favorite artist teach those "singers" a lesson.

The former. They could make it good. - NikBrusk

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12 Would you rather listen to a song about the devil or a song about sex?

Just because you hear a song about the devil doesn't mean you're worshipping it.

Devil. Step inside! See the Devil In I! - NikBrusk

13 Would you rather watch Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video or stare at a creepy Cannibal Corpse album cover for 5 minutes?

Changed my mind, I'd stare at a Cannibal Corpse album cover. I'll just stare at the album cover Worm Infested or Kill (these 2 covers are not so creepy, but Worm Infested is still a little creepy) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Let's be real here. I know we all hate Anaconda, but how could you stare at a Cannibal Corpse album cover for five minutes? It's too much to ask, I'll just watch the video. - Songsta41

If you don't know how the album covers look like, just search on Google, but warning : They're very, very bloody and creepy. I'd rather watch Anaconda - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Well, I don't really like too much blood and gore. To me, their covers aren't scary, but the covers make me wanna puke - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Cannibal Corpse album cover. Sure the covers have blood and gore, but its not scary. - Catacorn

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14 Would you rather go to a Rock Am Ring in a bikini or go to a Justin Bieber concert in a Justin Bieber t-shirt?

Go to Rock Am Ring in a bikini. At least it's not a Justin Bieber concert.

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