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1 Would you rather listen to your least favorite genre for 24 hours or never listen to your favorite genre for 6 months?

Least favorite. I guess I would start liking it more maybe... Like understanding the subtleties of grindcore or pop or whatever my least favorite genre is because I'm not sure. - JoLeKosovo

Least favorite genre. A full day (with no rest) of that music would put me in a worse mood than I've ever been in before, but going without my favorite for half a year is just too much to ask. - Songsta41

I'd rather spend a day listening to mumble rap than to go half a year without listening to Eminem

I'd have to say listen to my least favourite music for 24 hours. I couldn't last 6 months without listening to Blues. It would kill me. - Britgirl

2 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber for 24 hours or Nicki Minaj for 24 hours?

I'd actually rather listen to Justin Bieber. - Britgirl

Justin Bieber - ElSherlock

If the song is on a radio and I'm using sound-blocking headphones that can't play music, I'd choose Justin. - AnonymousChick

Nicki her older stuff showed promise it's just what she chose to do that made her career so horrible

3 Would you rather be famous because you're great at singing but you don't look pretty/handsome or be famous because you look pretty/handsome but you're bad at singing?

Good singing. I would just do what Sia does. Never show my face. - AnonymousChick

I'd rather have the most angelic and beautiful singing voice and keep my plain looks. - Britgirl

Good singing. Fame is pointless without talent. - Songsta41

I would obviously be famous for my good singing because at least I would deserve it. - Martinglez

4 Would you rather be a Belieber or a Nicki Minaj fan?

Hard choice. Justin Bieber makes better stuff now but still sucks, while Nicki made better stuff before which were actually good.

Anyway, Nicki fans are better so yeah I think it's better than being a Belieber. Not to mention that Nicki is at least better as a person.

Niki. I might be able to find one song that isn't utter poop. - AnonymousChick

Believer, I guess - Martinglez

Nicki Minaj fan. - Luckys

5 Would you rather join an amazing but very underrated band or join a bad but very famous band?

Amazing and underrated. I would be in a good band, and I would be able to live a somewhat normal life without paparazzi chasing me wherever I go. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. - Atham

With amazing but underrated,you could start out not being popular,but work your way up to fame.

Amazing and underrated. - Britgirl

Definitely amazing and underrated. - PackFan2005

6 Would you rather go to a Rock Am Ring in a bikini or go to a Justin Bieber concert in a Justin Bieber t-shirt?

It's not even unusual to see people at rock am ring wearing bikinis so that's an easy choice

Go to Rock Am Ring in a bikini. At least it's not a Justin Bieber concert.

7 Would you rather hear your favorite artist sing your least favorite song or your least favorite artists sing your favorite song

First one: My favourite artists is Michael Jackson and I like all of his songs.

I'd be fine with Dream Theater covering Hitler Was a Sensitive Man, because they could somehow put a positive spin on it. But having Anal C*** or Justin Bieber sing Octavarium would just be awful. - Songsta41

Favorite artist singing my least favorite song. If my least favorite artists sang my favorite song they would probably ruin the song. - DaWyteNight

Probably my favorite artist, because a good singer can make a song a bit better. - PackFan2005

8 Would you rather have to listen to Friday - Rebecca Black or Baby - Justin Bieber?

Friday. It's fails so spectacularly that it's enjoyable ironically. - Atham

Friday is a few seconds shorter, so I'd go with Friday

9 Would you rather listen to Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj of course. Cardi B, I like some her songs. But money sucked. - Luckys

Anyone got some ear plugs? - PackFan2005

Nikki Minaj she is the best

Nicki - jameshoward

10 Would you rather be a famous singer or be able to bring your favorite singer back to life?

I'd bring Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Michael Jackson back to life! - Misfire

If you can't sing well you don't deserve the fame( like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and so on). So I'd rather bring my favourite singer( Michael Jackson) back to life.

My favorite singer is alive, so I'd be famous and sing meaningful songs without autotune. - AnonymousChick

I would be able to make Freddie Mercury alive. - Userguy44

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? Would you rather listen to the Queen members' solo work and nothing else, or never be able to listen to Queen as a band again?

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11 Would you rather never listen to Queen again or always have to listen to the Biebs and no one else when you listen to music?

Never listen to Queen. I would be a little sad about loosing classics like Don't Stop Me Now but it wouldn't be worth loosing every song in existence except for Bieber. - Atham

Definitely not listen to Queen because you can still listen to other music and not just Justin Bieber - DrayTopTens

I'm listening to Queen right now. Lol
I can't choose between the two. Either way I can't win. - Misfire

I can't choose. I love Queen to much. - Userguy44

12 Would you rather listen to death metal for a day or nothing but mumble rap for an entire week?

Death metal. I'd listen to all of Death's discography. I may like it. - JoLeKosovo

Death Metal. Does that include blackened? I already accidentally hear mumble rap very often because I live in the city.

I hate both but I guess mumble rap - DarkBoi-X

Mumble rap, I'll listen to X. - Luckys

13 Would you rather listen to Lil Pump for 10 hours or never listen to Nas again?

Lil Pump definitely. He's bad lyrically, but he has a few really fire tracks I won't lie. - Atham

I guess I'd have to listen to Lil Pump for 10 hours. - DaWyteNight

I'll have to go with Lil Pump. Nas is GOAT. - jameshoward

Never listen to Nas again because I have no idea who he is. - Luckys

14 Would you rather kill Young Thug or bring 2Pac back to life?

Bring 2Pac back to life - jameshoward

2Pac of course - Atham

Bring 2pac back to life. - Luckys

15 Would you rather listen to Eminem or Drake (for the rest of your life)?

Eminem, no questions asked

Drake all the way

Eminem duh. - JoLeKosovo

16 Would you rather run around while jumping and headbanging like crazy in front of public or twerk in front of public?

Get crazy until I go to the hospital.

I'd twerk. I'd only gave to do it for a few seconds before people ran away. - Britgirl

First one. I already do that. I hate twerking. - JoLeKosovo

I'd never twerk in public,so the former. - Elina

17 Would you rather listen to silence for a week or Lil Wayne's voice for a day?

Lil Wayne isn't even that awful as this site makes him out to be, so definitely Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's voice for a day - jameshoward

Lil wayne. - Luckys

I can’t live with silence, so Lil Wayne - PackFan2005

18 Would you rather eat a raw worm/slug/snail or never listen to music for 1 year?

I read a book on how to eat fried worms so this would be easy fir ne. - Britgirl

I have eaten a fried worm. It's not that bad. Just add some salt and some seasoning - Beckc

Eat a raw worm - Atham

Surely worms couldn't taste THAT bad...

19 Would you rather listen to a song about the devil or a song about sex?

Just because you hear a song about the devil doesn't mean you're worshipping it.

Well, a song about the devil can actually be creative and thought-provoking. - DaWyteNight

Well... Does AC/DC sing about anything else? - Mesel

Sexy songs are great every now and then. - Atham

20 Would you rather be best friends with Chris Brown or not have any friends at all?

Not have any friends at all. - Gg2000

Hello life of loneliness. - PackFan2005

Guess I'll be lonely then - Atham

Chris Brown, I wanna keep my friends. - JoLeKosovo

21 Would you rather like a genre everyone hates or hate a genre everyone likes?

Like a genre that everyone hates. I enjoy liking things more than hating them. - Atham

Hate a genre everyone likes,because I already do that every day.

Hate a genre most people like. - Elina

Those are the same thing - Songsta41

22 Would you rather jump from the top of a 12 feet tree or listen to Baby from Justin Bieber for 1 hour every day?

Would I have to jump from the tree every day? Because if the tree is a one time thing or an every day thing, I'm choosing the tree. Nobody ever said if there is water underneath or if I can stack pillows. - AnonymousChick

How the hell would I even get in this situation - StainedGlassEyes

I'll jump from the tree. Nobody said parachutes aren't allowed!

Like before, I would listen to Justin's good songs - Martinglez

23 Would you rather listen to black metal or grind core?

Black metal. I can't listen to grindcore, too shapeless for me. - JoLeKosovo

24 Would you rather watch Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video or stare at a creepy Cannibal Corpse album cover for 5 minutes?

Let's be real here. I know we all hate Anaconda, but how could you stare at a Cannibal Corpse album cover for five minutes? It's too much to ask, I'll just watch the video. - Songsta41

Oh, how bad could the album covers be? I don't really care about blood or that stuff. Anaconda is just ugh. - AnonymousChick

Cannibal Corpse for the win!

Anaconda it is - Martinglez

25 Would you rather listen to Single Ladies by Beyoncé for an hour or Baby by Justin Bieber for a day?

Both suck, but Single Ladies for an hour is less time than listening to Baby nonstop for 24 hours. - PackFan2005

Single ladies because the title is relatable. - Luckys

Baby for a day honestly. - DaWyteNight

All the single ladies,all the single ladies...

26 Would you rather be able to sing like Rihanna or not be able to sing at all?

...I know what you're thinking here, "what's the difference? " But I'd rather not be able to sing at all than to sound that. - DaWyteNight

27 Would you rather listen to Bonnie Raitt or David Sanborn
28 Would you rather hear Cake preform I Will Survive or Sheryl Crow preform Sweet Child O’ Mine
29 Would you rather listen to Geddy Lee sing about sex or contract STDs from Carrie Underwood?

Geddy Lee singing about sex. Just once and then done. - JoLeKosovo

Seriously, answer the question!

30 Would you listen to a song with terrible vocals but brilliant lyrics or a song with amazing vocals but horrible lyrics?
31 Would you rather hear your least favorite song once or hear a song you like so many times you end up disliking it?
32 Would you rather listen to a song that has no instrumental (including electronic) or one that has no vocals?
33 Would you go to a Slayer concert in a One Direction t shirt or in your underwear?
34 Would you rather have an amazing voice or be able to play every instrument?
35 Would you rather be in a band that makes amazing music but with band mates who are mean to you or a band that has nice people who make crap music?
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